Thursday, 21 October 2010

Rambulation Name. Penzance auction at W H Lane. Jubilee Pool. Philip Sutton RA lithograph of Vancouver

Called 'rambulation' from Aries ram/Oram and because rather a long time ago a lecturer wrote at the bottom of one of my essays "a readable ramble through the main points." I'm hoping with my venture into this blog to be readable without any rambling. 

Today I went to Penzance to collect a green and orange abstract by Philip Sutton, R.A, called Vancouver, from auctioneer W H Lane, in Penzance. The lithograph was hammered at £47 instead of the estimated price of £150.

Graham Bazley

The auction itself was alarming to newcomers when the auctioneer, Graham Bazley, climbed up via a stepladder on to a rather small but sturdy table in order to sit at another smaller antique table and chair. This enabled him to see the bidders better. He had a charming antique gavel too. He prices the paintings well, and they usually go around the estimate in the catalogue.

Lloyds Bank there looks like a temple to money, as it was a former church I think.

I passed the art deco Jubilee Pool, opened in 1935, the year of King George V's Silver Jubilee, at Battery Rocks, near Penzance Harbour. The newish stretched Scillonian ferry was in port and the sun was shining on everything.