Saturday, 28 July 2012

Cake Tins and Jelly Moulds. Bundt Tin and the advantages for a baker.

Traditional Bundt cake
Ingenious Cake Tins

The best-selling cake tin in the US is a bundt tin, which has a hole in the middle. The hole helps the cake cook more evenly and rise higher, whereas layer cakes often come out lopsided. Make sure you get non-stick cake tins,  as extrication of unusual shapes can be tricky, and all your hard work will be wasted  if the cookie crumbles at the last hurdle.

Pirate ships, castles, cars, shells, tractors, Christmas trees, football stadiums, you name it, there’s a shape for your cakes, buns and biscuits , which are good for special events like children's parties.
Some tins are priced at £40, and the most unusual are imported from America. The cake tins also do for salmon mousse,  jellies, etc., so you will get value for your money.
'Bund' tin from Lakeland UK with
 a Quantum 2 non-stick surface
Bundt Castle


Christmas Trees

Pirate Ship