Tuesday, 31 July 2012

French National Assembly: Cecile Duflot,Theresa May, Caroline Spelman, Cheryl Gillan and Baroness Warsi

Cecile Duflot, France’s 37-year-old Housing Minister, wearing just an ordinary, demure summer dress and high strappy heels, received wolf whistles and shouts of enthusiasm when addressing the National Assembly in Paris recently.
Patrick Balkany, a UMP politician said Duflot had probably ‘put that dress on so that we wouldn’t listen to what she was saying.’

What are French male politicians on about?

Cecile Duflot, 37-year-old head of the Greens Ecology Party, also raised a storm when she wore jeans for her first cabinet meeting with new President Francois Hollande.

The four women in the Cabinet in this country have been described as ‘an ugly bunch’ by shopping guru Mary Portas. These are Home Secretary Theresa May, Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman, Welsh Secretary Cheryl Gillan and Minister Without Portfolio Baroness Warsi.
The media here were originally aroused by Teresa May’s kitten heels, and keep her shoes under close observation.

Mensch posing for GQ magazine
A new contender in the fashion stakes was Louise Mensch, who was elected the Conservative MP for Corby at the 2010 General Election. This year she did a fashion shoot for GQ magazine. She stepped down in August of this year to live in New York with her husband and family.

Male members of the House of Commons seem to remain unmoved about the fashion sense or otherwise of our female MPs.