Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Jacques Rogge and David Bond/Rogge interview on BBC News 24, 24 July 2012. Today Programme. Mail Online.

                   Jacques Rogge

David Bond, BBC Sports Editor. 
David Bond was unneccessarily confrontational, rude, bullying and disrespectful on BBC news 24 towards the distinguished 70 year old Count Jacques Dr. Rogge, Légion d’Honneur and President of the International Olympic Committee, (IOC). Bond attacked Rogge about his stay in a 5* hotel, saying Rogge and his people 'did not live in the real world'.    Bewildered by the rudeness, Rogge  said he needed  accommodation!

We do not expect such behaviour and low standards from the BBC.

Earlier that day Count Jacques Rogge, the President of the International Olympic Committee, was interviewed before the opening of the Games on 23 July on the Today Programme.
One of Rogge’s answers to a question on the Today Programme, presumably about his hotel, the Hilton in Park Lane, was widely reported.

'The IOC members work very hard during the Olympic Games……This hotel where we are staying is a kind of conference room, we have meetings here, so that is very important, and IOC members fulfil an important duty within their own nation, their own national Olympic committees, awarding medals, sitting in various commissions, co-ordination, medical commission and others, so we are working class people”.

Count Rogge is Belgian. He meant that he and his IOC members were working hard, but the meaning did not come over like that to listeners.

Dealing with the subject of class is a quagmire, let alone working class.The myriad nuances of the English language are easy for us, but not so to a foreigner. A simple but crucial linguistic misunderstanding of the difference between working-class and a hard worker was seized on by Mail Online reporters Paul Harrison and Emma Reynolds. Rogge’s words were subsequently twisted by the online journalists who had oodles of space in which to rant, fantasise and place their photographs to make their point…. “Canapés with the Queen and sporting a £10,000 watch... meet the Olympic chief who says: I'm working class”.

Rogge presents medals to the Queen

The Mail Online's rude caption to the above photograph reads, "At least he is working with class as he presents the Queen with a set of Olympic medals at last night's reception for members of the International Olympic Committee at Buckingham Palace.”

Has the Daily Mail gone to the Left? Does it not check what is going on with its wayward child, the Mail Online?