Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Knickers Poll by a Bleach Company

True Bridget Jones knickers
A poll of 2000 women by an unnamed  "whitening product firm,"according to an article in the Daily Telegraph today,  (Domestos? Why is the paper so coy about naming the company?) has discovered that the average woman has 34 pairs of knickers.

Knickers are of course a misnomer. People normally say pants in this country, knickers only if they are big, old fashioned objects. There is something music-hallish however in the use of the word knickers, guaranteed to bring a snigger, and gain the reader's attention from the headline.

Did Domestos or whoever conduct this poll to find out how many white pants women have?

Everyone knows that white underwear always gets discoloured, so for sure a cleaning faddist will get the bleach out.

Spanx skinny britches thong £24
But most women will just carry on regardless with greyish/pinkish etc. pants.
It is not as if women want so many pairs, it is just that buying multipacks of 3 or 5 at a time is cheaper than one pair.
There is also a confusing choice of different types: high rise and low rise, ( apartment blocks?), Brazilian, midi, thong, no VPL (visible panty line) ones and even kinky knickers are advertised in the Marks and Spencer website. Spanx is another type. Increasingly popular control pants suit the more obese: these hopefully hide bulges and are more expensive. Perhaps a woman tries out a new style but finds it's uncomfortable.Perhaps she wants a new colour to co-ordinate with her bra, or to please her partner.Whatever her reasons, it is very surprising women only have an average of 34 pairs.