Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Olympic Games.: Food and Drink preferences of Team GB, Brazil, Caribbean, Kazakhstan, Malaysia and Korea.Clif Gels. Boris Johnson.

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson – how does he find the time? - wrote an entertaining article in The Daily Telegraph this Monday about the London 2012 Olympics so far, noting that British athletes are good at sit-down sports: cycling, riding, rowing and sailing.

He showed his command of the English language, saying that Tessa Jowell, the deputy mayor of the Olympic village, ‘pernoctates’ there.

Among other things, he pointed out that tattoo parlours are doing brisk business on people’s thighs with Olympics 2012, misspelt as Oylimpics etc.

Boris’s full name is Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, but he is known to all of us as Boris.

Athletes' Eating and Drinking Habits

The Huffington Post has some fascinating facts about the different food and drink of various athletes.
Our rower Pete Reed likes oatcakes with cottage cheese. Diver Tom Daley’s favourite drink is a chocolate milkshake. He has good old baked beans on toast for breakfast. Seems our boys have simple tastes. 

Team Brazil love their national black bean stew, feijoada. Will our caterers manage that?
Caribbean athletes in Birmingham have already asked for goat’s head, but had to make do with goat curry. Well done, Birmingham.

Usain Bolt’s speed comes from Jamaican yams, so his father says.

Kazakhstan wrestlers and weight-lifters need a lot to eat, and applied to bring horsemeat sausages with them. Did they get permission from Health and Safety wallahs or Customs and Excise? 

Porridge is a favourite of badminton player Lee Chong Wei, from Malaysia. Does Scotland export that?

Korean rhythmic gymnast Son Yeon-Jae would like to eat rice cakes called ddukbokki ?  (this is not even in my online dictionary) , but is not allowed to, until the Games are over.

Clif Gels are taken by a lot of athletes. They are squeezy bags of gel and provide instant energy. They contain a curious mix of green tea extract, sugar, and chocolate, among other things.

Poor Team Russia and their delegation are forbidden to drink vodka or other alcohol during the Games. What will they drink?

Water is best for athletes, and all of us for that matter.

Swimmers and Divers

Have you noticed that swimmers and divers never seem to have towels with them?