Friday, 24 August 2012

Anneka Rice paintings, and some Rears of the Year, Denise Van Outen and Pippa Middleton

Anneka Rice 53 has been in the news again with a new programme on BBC One: The Flowerpot Gang, a four-part garden makeover series.

The first programme last week transformed the run-down garden of a nursing home for dementia patients in Sheffield.  Despite the worthy aims and good result in the garden, the programme was not well-reviewed by stern Guardian and Telegraph critics.

Previously known as an attractive jump-suited action-girl in Treasure Hunt 1982-89, Rear of the Year in 1983, Challenge Anneka 1989-1994 and a few one-off appearances such as the BBC's Children in Need appeal in 1987, Anneka has hardly been seen for the last 17 years.
Anne Rice was born in Wales, in Cowbridge, the Vale of Glamorgan.  She imaginatively changed her name to Anneka when she joined Equity, the Actors ‘Union, as there was already another girl there with the same name.

Maundy Thursday 2012 Acrylic on canvas

Tablet Painting 2012
Her husband Nick Allott had re-kindled her interest in art in the ‘80s with the thoughtful present of a book, Step by Step Art School, a smock and an easel, although the marriage broke up after two children.

A subsequent relationship break-up and a third child meant that Anneka decided to concentrate on her children, but she also managed to fit in a three-year, part-time diploma course in fine art, painting and drawing at the Chelsea College of Art. She has recently done an architectural course. 

Judging by the two paintings here  Anneka is good at art. She likes to paint nudes too, the ultimate challenge for an artist.
"I am very quick” she said, “It takes me only about two hours to paint a huge painting - I mostly paint nudes and I particularly like painting sinewy men. I get between £500 and £5,000 a painting."

Unfortunately Rambulation couldn't find Anneka's paintings of sinewy nude men, nor the photo of her Rear of the Year. To compensate,  Pippa Middleton's rear at the 2011 wedding of the year, and the cheeky rear of Denise Van Outen are included.