Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Bad Exam Results? All is not lost. Access to Higher Education Courses in your Region.Contact Details

Two men looked out of prison bars
One saw mud
and the other
Saw stars

There is hope for everyone out there.

The recent article about the Access to Journalism Diploma course in Truro showed a tremendous interest in Access to Higher Education Diploma Courses. Perhaps these courses are not as well-known as they could be.

  • Access courses give students of 19 and over who have no qualifications or who have done badly in their GCSEs or A levels a second chance.
  • Access Courses in whatever subject are the equivalent of three A levels in one year. Students can therefore go straight to university providing they pass the Access coursework qualifications and examination, of course.    
  • They are just as valid as three A levels, more practical and for that reason enjoyable too, as you learn about your chosen career or subject in advance. An Access Course of around 15 hours a week over an academic year, if successfully completed is the equivalent of 3 A levels.  Your work is marked as you go, and credits for each piece of work are added to the total, with an exam at the end. It is a step by step education and you can redo elements too.  . The limited amount of hours mean students can also work part-time, but there is also a lot of course work too.
Some of the subject areas include:

Administrative studies
Applied psychology
Biological sciences
Computer studies
Information technology
Social studies (including social work)
Subjects allied to medicine (including nursing)

The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education – QAA- handles the Access to Higher Education Diploma courses.

Southgate House
01452 557000
Fax: +44 (0)1452 557070
Assessment and Qualifications Alliance www.aqa.org.uk

Information about Access courses in Scotland is available on the Scottish Wider Access Programme (SWAP) website.

The Directgov website has a very helpful section on Higher Education.
For information on Access to HE courses in your region, contact your local Access Validating Agency(AVA).

Access Courses in your Region

The Cambridge Access Validating Agency www.cava.ac.uk

Hampshire Access Validating Agency www.hava.ac.uk

Open College Network West Midlands Region www.ocnwmr.org.uk

Open College Network Eastern Region www.ocner.org.uk

Open College Network East Midlands Region www.ocnemr.org.uk

Open College Network London Region www.ocnlr.org.uk

Open College Network North East Region www.ocnner.org.uk

Open College of the North West www.ocnw.com

Open College Network North West Region www.ocnnwr.org.uk

Open College Network Oxford, Thames and Chiltern www.ocnotc.com

Open College Network South East Region www.ocnser.org.uk
West Region www.ocnswr.org.uk

Open College Network Wales www.ocnwales.org.uk

Open College Network Yorkshire and Humber Region www.ocnyhr.org.uk