Saturday, 11 August 2012

Bikini-Saris: the latest fashion for Bollywood stars and modest swimmers, the Beehive Bra, Purdah,the Bikini blouse. Sir Mark Tully.


Shivan Bhatiya and Narresh Kukreja, two swimwear designers in Delhi, have invented a bikini-sari. Shy women can feel trendy in the bikini bit and shelter behind the sari if they feel like covering up. Quite how one swims in them has not been explained, but presumably the sari section floats about.The costumes start at £450 and are made out of a special resistant fabric.

Bhatiya and Kukreja won first prize for their invention from MarediModa Beachwear

Beehive Bra
They have also designed a beehive bra, but that looks even more impractical. Will it catch on? It looks fun, and better than those pads you put inside bras to make your breasts look bigger.But what on earth does one wear on the lower half?

Delhi is also known of course for expatriate writer and broadcaster Tully Sahib, the Padma, aka Sir (William) Mark Tully, KBE who was a friend of my late lamented husband Bob at Cambridge and beyond. Mark is the presenter of the popular religious programme Something Understood on Radio 4.

The rules of Purdah are very important for stricter Muslim followers, and other cultures.  For women who are obliged to cover up at all times, burkinis like Nigella Lawson's, which she famously/infamously wore in Australia last year to protect her skin from the sun, are available from 

Bebo in Bikini Blouse
Bollywood 2007 Best Actress Kareena Kapoor, 31, is known as much for her acting as she is for her fashion sense. She is noted too for her beautiful lips. For some reason she is known as Bebo.
Needless to say her love life is the subject of interest. Will she, won't she marry actor Saif Ail Khan? The couple are popularly referred to as Saifeena.
Kareena isn't just a pretty face, and involves herself in humanitarian causes, notably raising money to provide Chanderi village with electricity in 2010.