Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Church of Scientology, E. Grinstead. Suri, Katy Holmes and Tom Cruise, both raised as Catholics.

The Church of Scientology has been in the news yet again, with the recent divorce of Tom Cruise and Katy Holmes.

Apparently Katy didn’t want daughter Suri educated the Scientology way, and has now put her in a Catholic school.

If it weren’t for the constant mentions by the media linking members Cruise and John Travolta to the Church of Scientology, we probably wouldn’t hear so much about this reclusive church.

The headquarters of the Church of Scientology in the UK, Saint Hill Manor and Saint Hill Castle, in 58 or so acres in East Grinstead,  form an opulent setting for students of Scientology who do advanced courses costing well over £190,000.

The castle is built from sandstone, looks like a giant sand-castle, and is none the less impressive for that.
Scientologists wear dark clothes as a kind of uniform, and usually rent, share, and cram into local houses in order to do these astronomically expensive advanced courses so as to save money. Sitting and dining rooms are also turned into bedrooms, with as many beds as possible squeezed in.
It is impossible for an outsider to understand the training practices of Scientology. 
Auditors by auditing or listening, speak to a Preclear, so the latter can reach a state of Clear - a mind free from outside influences.. Auditors use E-meters for this practice.
Wikipedia explains - or does its best:
‘E-meters include circuitry for course training supervisors to communicate with an auditor who is in session’.
Scientologists have to go through hoops,ever upwards course by course through various degrees till they reach the highest level.
The students come from Europe and beyond. Some reputedly work for peanuts at the headquarters (like slaves it is said locally) and fit their work around their courses, or vice versa.
Such conviction among the Scientologists about their Church, despite the expense, surely demands respect, and further investigation.
The entrances to the Scientology estate in East Grinstead are watched by young Scientologists who take down the number plates of visiting cars. Security cameras are set up all round the estate. So what are they hiding?
Maybe they are on the watch for the dreaded Press, who have sometimes given them a hard time in the past.. Such extraordinary vigilance must be for some other reason though.
Nonetheless the Church of Scientology does good work for drug addicts and runs anti-drug campaigns. in this country (and no doubt elsewhere). It supports local charities in East Grinstead, especially in aid of Queen Victoria Hospital.
It also cured Tom Cruise of dyslexia, according to him.
P.S. A new film is coming out, The Master, which is based on The Church of Scientology, based on its founder, L Ron Hubbard.
P.P.S. It is not generally known, but Cruise was a Catholic, and at one time thought of becoming a priest when he joined the Franciscan seminary in Cincinatti. Holmes was also a Catholic.