Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Month 1. Circulation Figures of a New Blogger. Trials and Tribulations of a Beginner

CIRCULATION FIGURES: Page Views by country 

The word blog has such a plodding negative feel to it, rhyming with clog, trog, flog, dog, hog, jog, log, mog, wog etc. Yet what else can a weblog be called?

When I started a month ago, on current affairs, it was all new territory.

The statistics page was a revelation. And continues to be, it's a new sort of addiction.

There is a world map, showing where interested readers are. Then day by day, week by week, other facts and figures appear.

The most popular very brief and early blog was the Rogge/Bond interview which I had seen and been upset by on the BBC midnight News 24. I wrote about it there and then. The early bird catches the worm. It showed me there are serious readers out there in the world.

In case you missed it, a link to an Irish commentary on the Olympic Sailing shot the stats graph up to the ceiling. That showed you all have humour too. Thanks to cousin Patsy for this.

A Cornwall Brief on disallowed garden waste like Giant Hogweed, Ragwort and Japanese Knotweed received surprisingly good figures. The third most popular article, was on Maranatha, St. Piran and Methodism.
An early blog on the Golf Open and debate on broomstick and belly putters is still popular.

Like a newspaper which prints its circulation figures, Rambulation has nothing to hide. 40 Posts have been published in 31 days.

Page Views all time history 1274

Readers Country By Country:-

United Kingdom


United States

















1 reader from Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia and Hong Kong have mysteriously vanished, but they were there, they were.
There were only 4 from India, and they have gone from the page, so the bikini-sari did not arouse much interest. I suspect one on cricket in India will do better.
The Russian readership seemed to like the Putin briefs, but has fallen behind now, alas.
American readership is growing steadily, despite a very early (boring?) Brief on Bundt baking containers so it's good to know you are keeping an eye.
One big disappointment is that you are not very interested in articles on art - Grandma Moses, Dame Laura Knight and well-known artists in a Truro exhibition.
More current affairs will therefore be provided.
Those of you who read blogs but do not have one have no idea how difficult things are at first.
You have to set up a background to the blog. As I devour newspapers, that is the theme. In tribute to my father, Eric Putnam, The Cornish Times - his last newspaper- is on the right-hand side. Likewise, the local paper, The West Briton, is featured on the wallpaper too: it was voted the best regional paper a few years ago.
Once you get into the blogging box, all sorts of hazards befall you. If you write directly into the box, the fonts and sizes are impossible to coordinate. Rambulation learnt the hard way. The best thing to do is to write your draft first in Word.
As for putting pictures in, believe it, they have a mind of their own and won't stay still, disappear or join up with others. Ugh. Hopefully it will all become easier.
Blogging is a full-time occupation at the moment: so full that one doesn't have time to graze or go shopping. It saves you money and causes a gratifying and steady weight loss. But family, correspondence, cleaning, gardening etc. all get sadly neglected.
The most important thing is to get more readers. Linking to other sites is something that has to be learnt, and I haven't got the hang of it yet. I have joined Linked In and Facebook in an effort to boost circulation, but need guidance on how to link blog to them.
You my readers show that there is a demand for independent articles.

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