Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Cornwall. Flockfollies Designer's Unusual Sit-Upon. Flockfollies' latest Folly: Torso Sculpture. Marcel Duchamp. Blossom Clothing.

Blossom Clothing.

Clare Cross's website gives you her ethos:
"Blossom knitwear is relaxed, stylish and beautifully simple. Designs made from natural fabrics wearable everyday. Passionate about colour, the choice is yours, enjoy!"
I met her at the Piazza Saturday market, and bought a very nice yellow top. Poor Rambulation was told by Colour Me Beautiful to wear only grey and yellow. Sometimes disobedient when the CMB lady isn't looking, but not today .
Clare, from St. Merryn, sources her clothes from Mexico, Indonesia, Australia, Viet Nam, wherever her bubbly spirit takes her.    

Jayne Tarasun

Seat Seat Garden Sculpture
Seat Seat

Flockfollies’ quirky designer Jayne Tarasun down at Gweek has branched out somewhat from her bird-feeders and childfollies with her latest product, the  Cheeky SeatSeat. Designer Jayne calls it a bit of a whim and an Artpiece, and suggests it can be used as a bedside table, plant stand, or garden sculpture. Cast in earthenware, satin glazed and available in several colours, for £450, this really shows you what designers are doing down in Cornwall.

It looks surreal and sensational wherever it goes:  as avant-garde as Marcel Duchamp’s 1917 Fountain.
Jayne has also brought out a new teacup bird-drinker.  
Jayne's feeder has been short-listed for the Gift of theYear Awards 2012

Bird Feeders

Marcel Duchamp