Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Cornwall. Recycling Waste. Cornwall Council. What you have missed.


Thank heavens Cornwall Council has got the rubbish, garden waste and recycling hiatus sorted.
Telephone access was awful for months. Twenty minute waits were the norm, to get a voice.
People did not get their new garden waste bins by the due date, together with the all-important licence for this. Rambulation waited for almost three months.
Assisted Waste Collections got left out at first due to the changeover of companies to Cory Environmental.
The best thing now is that collection of rubbish together with either recycling or garden waste is all done on the same day, rather than on  two different days.
Rambulation has palm trees. When you plant things for whatever reason, the consequences are not always thought out, and.collecting dead palms on a daily basis had not been foreseen.
Under the old system with the expensive biodegradable plastic bags, the spiky palms would tear the bag. Now, with the splendid solid new brown containers, anything goes. The garden is getting done more often, ...well it was, ...before the blog.

What you missed

Swede Bowling, Sheep Racing, Pillow Fights

Where on earth? at Philleigh Fair, in the Roseland.

What fun. What were the swedes bowling at?

Caravan Racing has just taken place at United Downs, St. Day, an old mining village. 

It is a shame to miss these events, which one only reads about the week after they happen.

The National Maritime Museum

Crabbing from the pontoon – bait, lines and buckets are provided.
Visit the museum.
 Discovery Quay, Falmouth.01326 313388

Trereife was recently on the TV programme Country House Rescue. It is good to see the le Grice family are taking Ruth Watson’s advice and hosting events, such as a summer fair, which included ferret racing.