Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Olympic Games. Daily Telegraph:Henry Wallop's 10 best Olympic presenters. Shirley Robertson, Richard Simmonds, Rob Walker. Land's End Catalogue.

Daily Telegraph.  Harry Wallop. 4.8.12  

Harry Wallop gave marks out of ten to the top ten BBC presenters and commentators, in his opinion, for their coverage of London 2012, on 3 August 2012. His top ten:

Rambulation does not think Harry could have been watching the Olympic sailing events on the BBC.

The BBC team there should be given full marks. The coverage  has been fantastic, with a hovering helicopter, 3D graphics, Shirley Robertson  on the water, Richard Simmonds, Rob Walker and a lot more besides.

John Inverdale
This self-styled armchair judge is also unfair to John Inverdale, to whom he gives 4/10. He made snide remarks about “his Land’s End catalogue model charm”, and the “on trend” collars on his shirts. He adds for good measure viewers’ negative remarks. 

John Inverdale is doing all right. Leave him alone.

What's wrong with the Land's End catalogue? It's rather nice.

Gary Lineker is given 4/10. That's unfair too.

By implication Inverdale and Lineker are his “on-screen duds”.

Rambulation’s only criticism of Lineker was his pronunciation of aquatic, which rhymed with exotic or erotic.