Thursday, 16 August 2012

Done and Dusted: Poems by Antoinette Putnam. Andrew Roth and Parliamentary Profiles

Sister Twonk has just published a book of poems. Read about her on the left. Her real names are Antoinette Susan Vigée but Antoinette took too long to say. Vigée was after Louise Élisabeth Vigée  le Brun, 1755-1842, a French artist whom Wikepedia calls the most important female painter of the eighteenth century. Her self-portrait is very well-known. 
Self-portrait in a Straw Hat, by Vigée  le Brun,1782.
Twonk's antique shops in Mill Lane and Covent Garden were often featured in newspapers and magazines.She'd get up at unearthly hours to go to antique fairs and boot sales, where she met her coterie of friends/rivals and other like-minded people, all on the same hunt for treasures.
Normally Twonk does not walk fast, (she's had three knees done), but when there's a bargain to be had, she becomes an Olympic sprinter.
Twonk and Andrew Roth
She also found and still finds French antiques at the Emmaus shops and markets in Brittany.

Twonk's third husband was Andrew Roth, originally from New York, a political writer and commentator in the UK, for whom she did political research for his articles, obituaries and books on peers, MPs and MEPs  which came out annually in Parliamentary Profiles.

Twonk mentions being a public convenience converter. She bought the former Ladies and Gents above St. Agnes beach, Cornwall, which were quite a hike up from the beach, after the local council decided to build new lavatories nearer the beach. Twonk converted the old ones into an artist's pied a terre, with a kitchen, bathroom and bed-sitting room.

I'm biased obviously, but I'll give you a sample of her poems.

You have no idea, have you?
me with a plastic face
I smile and nod pleasantly
though in my heart there's no trace
of love for you - but I care
you are kind and thoughtful - but I dare
to love another with all my heart and soul
but I have to play this other
two faced lying role.

The book of poems costs £7.99 including postage and packing.

Antoinette Putnam
or try her son Matthew, who looks at emails more than Twonk does