Wednesday, 15 August 2012

1. Kim Sears' Paintings of Dogs and Cats Well Worth a Look.

Kim Sears is well-known as the beautiful girl at the side of the tennis court, wherever Andy Murray is playing. She always looks good, whether anguished or content with his shots. It was wonderful to see Andy

a) win gold after his match with Federer at the Olympics.

b) clamber up to Kim.

Kim is also rather good at painting: “I paint other things too, but my favourite subject matter continues to be of the four legged variety- wet nose and wagging tail optional.”

So it doesn’t sound as if she puts Andy on canvas, unless he comes under other things.

Never mind. Here are some paintings, from her website Brushes and Paws,

Her dogs and cats are interestingly quite contemplative, although the spaniel has a wonderfully quizzical expression.  

Kim's website does not state how much she charges: you have to fill in a form, and Rambulation does not have a pet.
Phoebe and Louie