Friday, 3 August 2012

Olympic Games: Dorking roundabouts. Torch Relay. Olympics Cycling.. Knit 'n' Knatter

The Diamond Jubilee celebrations, Torch Relay and Olympic cycling events through Dorking and Box Hill have kept the town busy and put it firmly on the map.

As usual the Dorking cockerel on the Deepdene roundabout has not been forgotten. Before the Jubilee weekend The Knit 'n' Knatter group put red, white and blue scarves round the cock at dead of night.

For the Olympic cycling events around Dorking, the group awarded it a large gold medal, made of yellow squares of wool for the 10ft high cockerel.

The fine Dorking steel and zinc sculpture was installed in 2007, at a cost of £23,000.  At Christmas and other times, it has been decorated to suit the occasion.

The Romans brought the Dorking breed of chicken here, which is one of  our oldest breeds, distinguished by five toes, rather than four.

Roundabout raiders now have a new sculpture to target. Two steel cyclists have just been placed at the Pixham Lane/A24 Junction to mark the Olympic cycling races. Artist Heather Burrell has done a proper job, as we say in Cornwall. They cost £22,000, £12,000 was raised by supporters, and the district council contributed £10,000.

Mole Valley District is keen on public art, and is to be congratulated. It turns more or less a blind eye to roundabout pranks.