Wednesday, 1 August 2012

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BBC commentator John Inverdale was unfairly got at yesterday, with comments about his neck. This is unkind and bullying behaviour, just as Tom Daley, Rebecca Adlington and others have been got at on Twitter etc.

Matthew Pinsent was wearing a Tony Blair combination of brown shoes with dark trousers today. Pinsent also had what looked like red braces hanging round his waist, or was that TV equipment?

Radio 5 is good, and the BBC is doing a great job in general. Sailing commentary is terrific with 3D graphics, helicopter views, minute-by-minute position of the each competitor, and on-board audio equipment.

Underwater views of swimmers are an additional bonus, showing their fishlike movements. Clare Balding is doing her usual excellent job and so are the other commentators there.

ROWING  The blades of the oars especially the darker colours of the German flag,  look spectacular in the water. British oars are disappointing though: white,  with only a small Union Jack.    
SPECTATOR NOISE: Whinging Ozzies, yes, not Poms, have complained that crews can’t hear their coxes, although to her credit, Hannah Vermeersh, from the Australian women’s eight, loves it.

Germany Gold,
Team GB: Silver,  
New Zealand Bronze.

The names of horses in Team GB reflected our British past, and political and royal present with Miner’s Frolic, Lionheart, Imperial Cavalier, High Kingdom and Opposition Buzz.
The brilliant German team had a King Artus (who was that?) and English names Sam and Barny among their horses.
New Zealanders rode an eclectic mix: Nereo, Campino, Flintstar and Clifton Promise.
Team Germany with Michael Jung on Sam won gold, and Jung won the individual gold medal as well.
The fences were designed by artist Sue Benson to reflect Britishness, and the lion (Richard Coeur de Lion) and the letter box fence knocked about by Zara Phillips’s horse High Kingdom perfectly illustrate this.

SPECTATOR NOISE: Mary King, known as Mare, said her horse was scared by the bronze lion beside the jump in Greenwich Park. Horses are put off too by the excitement of spectators, and organisers  will ask for quiet in future.

Racehorses on the other hand are often spurred on to the finishing post by crowd noise. Nervous horses have to be walked to the start though.

Tennis is not a contact sport, so why do doubles players always have to touch hands after every shot?

Sailing Finn Class

Tactics by Ben Ainslie against Jonas Hogh-Cristensen (called Big Ben and the Great Dane by commentator Richard Simmonds), led Ben to put dirty wind in his rival’s sails to as to slow him down and put him in third place .

Incidentally Simmonds needs to go to the BBC Pronunciation Unit to get Spanish sailor Rafael Trujillo’s surname right. He and Shirley Robertson are doing a terrific job though.