Thursday, 2 August 2012

Olympic Games. Putin's royal roots? and visit to London. Hobbies and penchant forggymnasts and milk.Angliya.


Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is coming on an unofficial visit to London for his first visit since the Gleneagles G8 summit in July 2005.
It is no coincidence he is coming now, during the Olympic Games. He is mad on martial arts and has black belts in judo, and karate. He is a former St Petersburg judo champion to boot.

Putin is fitting in David Cameron for talks on the Russian stance on Syria, security and trade.

Angliya, a delightful weekly free Russian newspaper in London, quirkily translated by Google, announces “the editors of the newspaper went on vacation and 3 and August 11 issue of the newspaper will not go”. For this reason, I cannot give their take on their leader’s visit.

Putin, 60, hunts tigers and whales, scuba dives, rides horses, bikes and Harley Davidsons, plays ice hockey and badminton, rafts and fishes.

He goes to church on high days and holidays to Russian Orthodox services.

On top of all that Putin is the Russian President, with troubles at home.

After winning the presidential election this March, crowds of street protesters have accused him of vote-rigging. Plus he has Pussy riots to deal with.

He is rarely seen with his wife, Lyudmila Aleksandrovna Putina, a former Aeroflot air hostess. The Putins have two daughters. This sporty action man is rumoured to have a penchant for other women, including a rhythmic gymnast called Alina Kabayeva, who retired in 2007. Since then Alina has been an MP of the United Russia party, and from 2008 Chairman of the National Media Group's Public Council.

Apart from the judo, the gymnasts are performing. Will he find the time to spur them on? Putin likes drinking milk. Is that the secret of his success?

Putin was born on 7 October, 1952, in St. Petersburg. His mother worked in a factory, and his father submarined in the Soviet Navy.

His grandfather on his father’s side cooked in various dachas for the Lenins and then for Joseph Stalin. Young Vladimir Vladimirovich visited his grandfather when the latter worked in the Moscow City Committee dacha of the Communist party. Was this when Putin got political?
(Lenin's original names were Vladimir Ilich Ulyanov. He called himself Lenin in 1910 after his exile in Siberia).

Intriguingly and mysteriously, Putin's family records only go back to his grandfather Spiridon Ivanovich. Genealogists suggest Putin could be descended from the royal Tverskoy family. This is downplayed of course in the Russia of today.

And that's another story.