Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Angela Merkel " the World's Most Powerful Woman"/ Forbes Magazine. Academic achievements, clothes+ rare, generous cleavage, husband, hobbies, Dimokratia – Greek newspaper rant. Audience with the Pope.

In late August 2012, Forbes magazine voted Angel Merkel the World's Most Powerful Woman, citing her as

” the Iron Lady of Europe and the lead player in the Eurozone economic drama that continues to threaten global markets. As Greece, Spain, Italy and Portugal have teetered on the brink of an economic collapse, she has vowed to do everything in her power to preserve the 17-country EU. Merkel also called on international leaders to renew the Kyoto agreement, a commitment to reduce greenhouse gases that she helped ratify as Germany's environmental minister in the 1990s”.

This is formidable.

Angela Dorothea Merkel was born in Hamburg, on 17 July 1954, but  in the same year the family moved to East Germany, where her father became minister of a church in Quitzow, 50 miles from Berlin. Her education and upbringing in communist East Germany could account for her Iron Lady resilience, and there is still prejudice against her in Germany even though she was born in West Germany. She is regarded by her detractors as all but a former East German. 

She read Physics at Leipzig University with a doctorate for her thesis on quantum physics. She is married to a quantum chemist, Professor Joachim Sauer so things should be suitably fizzy at home. He is her second husband.

Angela Dorothea Merkel, 58, has been the first woman Chancellor of Germany since 2005 and is the leader of the Christian Democrats.

She told Der Spiegel she is one quarter Polish, but for some odd reason the Preußische Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper tried to disprove this, saying Angela’s grandparents on her mother’s side were of German descent. There’s nothing wrong in being Polish surely, so what is it on about?

Before the Euro 12 quarter-final football match on 22 June of this year between Greece and Germany, the Greek newspaper Dimokratia portrayed Merkel in a Nazi uniform, owing to Germany’s tough stance on the repayment of Greek debt. This was grossly unfair, and Germany won the match anyway.

Rare cleavage
Rambulation is struck by Merkel’s amazing collection of jackets, compiled by talented Dutch graphic designer Noortje van Eekelen, which suit Angela very well. She also wears evening ones, very occasionally showing cleavage. In her spare time, if she has any, she likes opera, reading, gardening and going for walks. 

 Pope Benedict with Angela and Joachim in Berlin 2011.
 Merkel criticised Pope Benedict for reinstating Bishop Richard Williamson in 2009 after he had been excommunicated. Williamson had denied facts about the Holocaust on Swedish TV, but the Vatican was unaware of that at the time. The bishop is again suspended.

Mattel turned Barbie into an Angela vaguely lookalike doll in 2009 at a Toy Fair in Nuremberg, as a tribute to Merkel, but the doll was not for sale, and it was rather a good publicity stunt.