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Buchinger Clinic and the benefits of therapeutic fasting for rheumatism and other medical conditions. :Bianca Jagger, Philippe Starck. Weight loss and the place to stop smoking. Cleansing, Fasting & Re-feeding. Amenities, Activities, Rest and Relaxation.

The Buchinger Clinic in Überlingen, south Germany or the one in Marbella iare the places to go if you want to fast properly under medical supervision using tried and tested methods.

In 1917 Dr. Otto Buchinger, aged only 40 and crippled by inflammatory rheumatism regained mobility after a drastic three week fast. He said it saved his “life and existence”,  realised that fasting could work for other people and opened his clinic three years later. He lived till he was 88, bearing out Michael Moseley’s recent dictum on his TV programme Eat, Fast and Live Longer. The doctor’s descendants carry on his good work.

Dr. Buchinger developed what he called therapeutic fasting, for body, mind and what he called the inner soul,: reminiscent of Juvenal’s ’ Mens sana in corpore sano'/Sound mind in a healthy body

People go to the Clinic time and time again. Philippe Starck, the inventor of the lemon squeezer and Bianca Jagger are among habitués of the Clinic. It is a good place to de-stress, improve your health and spirits, lose weight, for the treatment of allergies and to recover from over-work, over-eating, over-indulgence of every kind. Eating disorders can also be treated here, and smokers who are trying to give up the habit.

 A stay of fourteen days is recommended.

  •    The first day is called Cleansing. Two simple meals are provided, perhaps brown rice, with vegetables for lunch and fruit in the evening. Pulse, weight and blood pressure checks are made by a doctor followed by an assessment of your needs, including pre-existing medical conditions like diabetes and hypertension.
  •     Ten days of real fasting follow, to remove toxins from the body, with a selection of clear soups made from organic vegetables, mineral water, juices and herbal teas. 
  •      Three days of  Refeeding  get the body to readjust to food again.

It is also possible to follow a low calorie diet of up to 1200 calories a day. Fasting however is not suitable in pregnancy or for diabetics.

The Clinic is set in beautiful surroundings overlooking Lake Constance, with many amenities:  fitness centre, heated outdoor swimming pool, tennis court, sauna, indoor pool, massage, hair and beauty.  Physiotherapy, osteopathy, homeopathy, Ayurveda, Qi Gong and walks are arranged including Nordic Walking, plus a kitchen, where you are shown how to create healthy meals.

Therapy for the mind is provided with a celebrated art collection on the walls, peace and quiet, opportunities for meditation and creative activities. Lectures, concerts or films take place in the evenings. Television, mobile phones and the internet are discouraged. Stays of three weeks or a month are also possible. Addictions can be treated too.

Smoking and alcohol are verboten.

The benefits after only two weeks of therapeutic fasting, exercise and relaxation lead to well-being, calm, improved fitness, circulation, cholesterol, digestive system, glucose levels and skin tone; water-retention is a thing of the past.

Dr. Buchinger’s book is still in print: The Therapeutic Fasting Cure.

The website is excellent: http://www.buchinger.de/lang-en
Telephone +49 (0) 75 51/807-870

Fax +49 (0) 75 51/807-72 870