Friday, 21 September 2012

Month 2. Circulation Figures. Top Twenty Articles and Top Ten Countries.

This month from 22 August to 21 September was again successful.
Readership has more than doubled, from 1274 readers in Month 1 to 2673 today. I do not know if this is good compared with other typical new bloggers, but it has been an exciting month watching the statistics.

105 of you tuned into About Me.

63 Posts were published in two months

Top Twenty for Month 2

1.    A Bursar’s Checklist for Bursars Everywhere.
2.    Jacques Rogge and David Bond Interview
3.    Fasting: Eat, Fast and Live Longer.
4.    Newquay, Cornwall
5.    The Buchinger Clinic, South Germany.
6.    Banking: A New Era?
7.    Putin Brief: Biography
8.    World Brief: Maranatha, St. Piran & Methodism
9.    Duke of Wellington Boots
10. Free Schools
11. Circulation Figures First Month
12. Bad exam results All is not lost
13. Olympic Cycling Road Race
14. Rubbish Talk Japanese Knotweed etc.
15. Anneka Rice and Rears of the Year
16. Emergency food for the Hungry. The Trussell Trust
17. Baldness: Prince William and Justin Bieber
18. Angela Merkel
19. Cecile Duflot and the reactions of her male politician colleagues
20. Essex Gait

Interestingly, articles on how to blog, and my tutors advised me to keep blogs short, preferably to 25 words. So who is right? - My longest and shortest articles are the two best sellers. The advantage though of a blog is the unlimited space online, and this can be seen in online newspapers, who go to town with many more words and pictures than they could in actual print.

The Jacques Rogge article was 55 words long. However A Bursar’s Checklist, 1889 words, a tribute to my late husband, literally shot to the top with 162 readers in one day. Surely I will never have such a success again.

The chart below shows what happened on the day it was published.

Fasting: Eat, Fast and Live Longer – again a long article- struck a huge chord and is still getting good results, but the Irish didn't log into the Bobby Sands fasting unto death story.  The Buchinger Clinic, South Germany, also did well about a true ten day fast. On the contrary, a short factual article on The Hungry in the UK and the Trussell Trust did not evoke nearly as much interest.

Newquay did very well, and was written to promote the Macmillan Cancer Charity premiere of the new James Bond film, on 25 October at the Lighthouse Cinema, but I added local knowledge about this bustling holiday resort.

Bad Exam Results? Hope is not lost. Access to H.E courses did well in August, after the annual publication of the UK A level results, which determine whether students can go to their chosen university. Without the right grades, they have to apply frantically to other universities, who may not accept them either. If students are rejected or fail in their subjects, many give up. Access courses are a brilliant second chance, and combine three A levels in one subject.

The article on The Church of Scientology in East Grinstead, UK, following the recent divorce of Tom Cruise and Katy Holmes, provoked a lot of interest for some reason in Israel and Russia.

The Wellington Boots article was inspired by the Olympic Czech Republic team in blue wellingtons and a smart pair of hunting boots in Tesco. It must have pleased poet lovers and Australians with the inclusion of their celebrated poet Henry Lawson’s poem written in 1896 ‘To a pair of Blucher boots.’

I did think the articles on Cuba, and Nuremberg Trials/Laura Knight + her comments on the German War Leaders in the Dock and discussion of Goering’s brilliant defence by the British barristers would have done better. One reader left a positive comment on the latter, which was a super surprise.

Blogger has done a new Dashboard. It is not nearly as smart as the other, and signing in is now a problem. Bloggers are re taken straight to a box to write in and there is no getting out of it, short of wriggling your way back, via the edit sign. I hope Blogger gets it sorted soon.

The one good thing about the new Blogger is that you can see how many readers each article has. My least read was the one on the Pussy Riots, and a recent one on Flat Peaches and Peacherines has had little interest too so far. Up-and-coming is Essex Gait/Sally Gunnell.

China and Israel were welcome newcomers this month, but Spain and Brazil have been displaced. Readers in Switzerland, Venezuela, Holland, Norway, Serbia, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Japan and the Philippines all tuned in over the month, but oddly do not figure in the stats.

Problems with the blog box continue, though I'm a bit wiser. If you put a caption to the pictures, change the text to match the text of the article, otherwise everything goes haywire.

In one month, readers country by country are from the following:-
(Blogger only gives the top ten).

United Kingdom         1618
United States               610
Russia                          110
Israel                               43
Australia                        40
Germany                        40
France                           35
China                             30
Canada                         14
India                               10

Thank you to all readers of Rambulation