Monday, 3 September 2012

Graeae Theatre Company for disabled performers. CPD programme. BBC, Royal Shakespeare Company and the Young Vic. Ian Dury. Andy Serkis.

Graeae performers at the Opening Ceremony
Graeae is pronounced Grey eye
Disabled performers.from the Graeae Theatre Company sang Ian Dury’s song Spasticus Autisticus  at the Paralympics to great acclaim . The theatre trains deaf and disabled talent and gives writer training. Workshops explore different genres, from the classics to musicals, including practice for drama schools.

Graeae's three year CPD (Continuing Professional Development) programme, funded by Trust for London and Esmee Fairbairn, aims to develop a pool of professionally trained disabled actors in London who will enrich the artistic industry in the UK, reflecting the full diversity of the population. Four weekend workshops per year offer practical skills training with key partners including the BBC, Royal Shakespeare Company and the Young Vic. Graeae is committed to providing accessible skills development for disabled professional actors

Bradbury Studios, Graeae Theatre Company
 138 Kingsland Road, London E2 8DY.
 0207 613 6900.
Ian Dury 1942-2000
 Andy Serkis played Ian Dury in Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll 

Ian Dury, who had polio as a 7 year old, wrote Spasticus Autisticus in 1981  for The Year of the Disabled.  It was originally banned by the BBC, and the Spastics Society, now known as Scope, also objected to it. When Dury was interviewed by Sue Lawley on Desert Island Discs in 1996 he told her it was  "a war cry."  

The words to the Ian Dury song  were displayed on screens at the Opening Ceremony:

I'm spasticus, I'm spasticus/I'm spasticus autisticus/I'm spasticus, I'm spasticus
I'm spasticus autisticus/I'm spasticus, I'm spasticus/I'm spasticus autisticus
I wibble when I piddle
Cos my middle is a riddle
I dribble when I nibble
And I quibble when I scribble
Hello to you out there in Normal Land
You may not comprehend my tale or understand
As I crawl past your window give me lucky looks
You can be my body but you'll never read my books


I'm knobbled on the cobbles
Cos I hobble when I wobble
So place your hard-earned peanuts in my tin
And thank the Creator you're not in the state I'm in
So long have I been languished on the shelf
I must give all proceedings to myself

54 appliances in leather and elastic
100 000 thank yous from 27 spastics


Widdling, griddling, skittling, diddling,
fiddling, diddling, widdling, diddling spasticus


Spasticus, spasticus
Spasticus autisticus