Sunday, 23 September 2012

SW in Bloom Success for Truro .Traffic-Stoppers. Minor Counties Cricket Championship, all in the last fortnight.

It’s all happening in Truro.

Boscawen Park, Truro
Truro has just won the South West in Bloom Award, with extra awards for the Most Meritorious Entry and the Portman Cup.

Richard Budge, manager of all Truro City’s parks, gardens, hanging baskets, window boxes and tubs gives us a good show every year. The daffodils lining the long hill up Morlaix Avenue are an annual much-loved feature, as well as the  formal displays, wild flowers, sculptures and quirky cabbages in imaginative flower-beds all over the city.

Flowerbeds featuring the Truro crest, boat, chough etc. are so good at the huge Trafalgar roundabout and the central strip on Morlaix Avenue  that driving can become hazardous when drivers suddenly slow down to admire them. 

The array of wild flowers on the precarious (for the gardeners) narrow strip in the middle of the dual carriageway  have even caused drivers to stop when gardeners are there to ask where they can get the flowers from.
Flower beds beside Truro Cathedral
Richard Budge is assisted by three head gardeners in charge of Boscawen Park, Victoria Gardens and the city centre. Volunteers have also lent a hand. 

Truro City well deserves the South West in Bloom award, thanks to them.

More icing on the cake came when Cornwall won the Minor Counties Cricket Championship for the first time ever last weekend, on their home turf in Boscawen Park.