Sunday, 21 October 2012

Circulation Figures. Month 3. A by-line in The Tablet.

 Articles this Month:

  • Constipation Cure/ the Australian breakfast
  • The Commonwealth War Graves Commission/Gallipoli Campaign
  •  Unesco/ Nessebar, Bulgaria
  • ·Yalta, Ukraine/The Swallow’s Nest Castle
  • ·Circulation Figures Month 3
Rambulation has been away on an investigative mission to the Black Sea and Istanbul during the last month, which is the reason for only five articles, but readership has been steady nonetheless.

Good news from The Tablet, which gave me a by-line and is using some of the information from my article on the new Catholic Free School, St.  Michael's School, Camborne, in Cornwall.

Top 10 Articles.

1.    .    Bad Exam Results All is not lost
2.    .    A Bursar’s Checklist for Bursars Everywhere.
3.    .    Jacques Rogge and David Bond Interview
4.    .    Fasting: Eat, Fast and Live Longer.
5.    .    Newquay, Cornwall
6.         Duke of Wellington Boots
7.         The Buchinger Clinic, South Germany
8.         Free Schools inspired by New York Charter Schools
9.         Banking: A New Era?
10.       Angela Merkel

· Bad Exam Results was the fastest riser, from 12th to 1st.
· Free Schools Inspired by New York Charter Schools was the only newcomer.
· Angela Merkel went up from 18th to10th, I suspect because of her visit to Israel.

Pageviews 863  Total 

1.    United Kingdom 1999 
2.    United States  762 
3.    Ukraine   152                
4.    Russia 128
5.    France   53
6.    Germany  50
7.    Australia 46
8.    China  44
9.    Israel   43
10.  Canada  20

Pageviews all time: 3545

Ukrainian readers made a welcome appearance out of the blue last month and have already overtaken Russian readers. Ukrainian numbers should increase after the Swallow’s Nest Castle article.

Over the month readers from Singapore, Hungary, Cyprus, Morocco, Lebanon, Ireland. The Dominican Republic and Poland have all logged in but alas do not feature in Blogger’s Monthly Statistics List, which only does the top ten.