Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Padstow Harbour Sculpture is turned down by 397 to 22 votes

Padstow Harbour
Prideaux Place
Padstow in Cornwall (also known as Padstein owing to Rick Stein's restaurants) already has many tourists owing to its lovely fishing port and country house Prideaux Place at the top of the town.

Sculptor Andy Nicholls with a model of the giant mussel
Sculptor Andy Nicholls has designed an amazing giant mussel which like the real thing would open and close with the tide if installed on the harbour wall. The sculpture, called Mytilus, is based on the hooked Padstow mussel but 397 local residents voted against it with only 22 votes in favour.
Cornwall has long been the home and inspiration to artists, so it is to be hoped that sense will prevail, the artwork will get its funding and the sensibilities of the local residents will awaken to the fascinating new addition to their town.
Tate Gallery, St. Ives
This story is similar to the original huge opposition of local residents in St. Ives to the Tate Gallery. They all wanted a new swimming pool instead, but reason did prevail and of course the Tate Gallery there is now a huge attraction to visitors worldwide.