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Autism. ABA. Scotson Technique.Oxygen Therapy/Biomedical Intervention. Can you recover? The Answer is Yes.

Daughter Alice has the guest spot today, she started her blog last month, and one of her first articles  was about her son Joel who has autism: 171 readers in one day logged in.  She has already had much positive feedback. which has given her a welcome boost. and shows the huge interest world-wide in the subject, which encourages her to go on writing about it. Read her blog, by a mother who knows about autism.

She and her husband Jake work tirelessly to make Joel happy and to do their best for him. Alice makes it sound like a coincidence that they live near the Step by Step school in East Grinstead, but this took prayers, time, effort, perseverance, their savings and determination to happen.

Before they first discovered Joel had autism they were living happily in Manly, Australia. They soldiered on for a while there, taking Joel to sessions at an ABA (Applied Behavioural Analysis) school miles away from their house but eventually wanted to be nearer the family in the U.K. Jake left his very good job,  and they moved back to England.  Jake was fortunately able to transfer to the London branch of his international firm, but he didn't know that at the time.

They rented a house while researching for the best school for Joel and then faced a tribunal to get him to the one they chose, the Step by Step school, also ABA. All this took time, lawyers cost money and they were getting nowhere. In desperation they decided to pay the fees themselves using the money from the sale of their lovely house in Sydney. The fees were then over £50,000 p.a. 

Thank God a charity called the Fred Foundation stepped in and paid for four terms which cost about £80,000,  by which time West Sussex  confirmed that Step by Step  was indeed the right school for Joel and now pay for him to go there with a review of his case after two years.
His statement gets looked at annually and has to be approved by the LA. The Fred Foundation really needs your support for all the good work they do on

 Can you recover from Autism?  The answer is Yes, by Alice Gordon Clark

The answer is yes.  I often get told in passing about Joel my nine year old son who has severe autism 'and he won't get better will he?' Well the answer is actually yes; he is getting better all the time with biomedical intervention, ABA (Applied Behavioural Analysis) school and searching constantly for therapies which have helped him, notably the Scotson technique from the Advance Centre and regular oxygen therapy -  We are lucky the centre is not far from us as there's only one in the UK and one in South Africa.  People travel countries to receive this therapy and Joel is down the road.
Biomedical intervention is basically healing kids with autism who have severe gut issues which are what Joel has.  We go to the Annual Treating Autism Conference and get so inspired from the Doctors /Parents/Grandparents who treat autism and indeed recover some children from autism with biomedical intervention -
  Joel is getting better all the time so to all the people who think autism can't be treated it can, but for some it takes longer and results aren't instant but progress happens.  But children with autism need the right intervention educationally too and without this they can regress like Joel did.This picture of Joel around the time he started at his ABA school Step by Step was in January 2011.  Joel had severely regressed into his autism after we got back from Australia in summer 2009.  The biomedical intervention went out the window along with the ABA intervention.  Joel was put in a special needs school for a year without autism specialists and he was babysat instead of being taught anything.  He began to wet his pants, get very distressed and make very loud noises all the time and verbally stimming you call it when repeating a word over and over again as this satisfies his sensory needs.
Jake and Joel in Lourdes July 2012

This photo shows Joel a year and a half later after being at the Step by Step School for children with autism and having biomedical intervention and the other therapies I mentioned.  He is so much calmer, happier and more present. 

There is no quick fix for my son but I know that he is so much better from having received these interventions and this gives us hope!

Don't lose hope as these photos show the difference in Joel and I have to remind myself how far we've come in the space of a year and a half when I'm having bad days.  There are plenty of them in the world of autism.  Joel was distressed just this evening about something but he couldn't tell us.   I am not painting a corny picture I hope as this is not a 'before' and 'happily ever after' shot as this is not the case.  But it's small steps. 

By the way, not to sound too naff but I did forget to mention one important ingredient for helping a child with autism as well as the other numerous therapies.....LOVE.  He receives this in abundance.

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