Tuesday, 6 November 2012

France: Philandering, Sex, Women Politicians Rachida Dati and Cécile Duflot.Online Games in the National Assembly: Matthieu Hanotin .

Cécile Duflot in that dress
What is the fascination of women politicians in France? They exert a power that should be bottled, like Chanel No. 5.

In July, male MPs in the National Assembly went wild and wolf-whistled at the sight of Cécile Duflot, Minister of Territorial Equality and Housing in the Ayrault Cabinet, when she wore a demure summer dress and hardly vertiginous summer sandals.

Rachida with briefcase

Enigmatic Rachida , with typical French
décolleté & a  je ne sais quoi expression

Dominique Desseigne, looking doubtful
Rachida Dati and Dominique Desseigne

In today’s Daily Telegraph, the goings-on of Rachida Dati, 46, the former Justice Minister, and now a member of the European Parliament for
are recounted. According to their headline, she had a string of up to eight lovers in 2008
The lovers are rumoured to have been a TV producer, a Sarkozy brother and even Sarkozy himself,  an unnamed minister, a Spanish MP and a Qatari Attorney General, as well as tycoon Dominique Desseigne and one other.

Rachida was born in Saint-Rémy, Burgunday to an Algerian mother and a Moroccan father. 

She has named widower Dominique Desseigne, 68, as the father of Zohra,  3, in a paternity suit, but he has refused to take a paternity test, saying he is one of many to have had an 'aventure' with 'la dame'. Desseigne owns the Lucien Barrière company which has Fouquets famous restaurant, a casino and hotel chain in its portfolio.    The court hearing held on 8 November in Versailles will result in a ruling on 4 December .

How many lovers has Rachida now, one wonders? There are plenty more politicians to plunder in the European Parliament, n’est-ce pas?

 Ménage àTrois
Valerie with François Hollande
To add to the heady mix, The Telegraph also reported that a new biography claims  Valérie Trierweiler was in a ménage à trois with President Francois Hollande and a former right-wing minister during her marriage.

Catty? fellow journalist Anna Cabana describes the Rottweilery? Valérie as 'a cocktail of jealousy, vengeance and political calculation'.

Matthieu Hanotin.
Games in the National Assembly.

Photographers from the press balcony of the French National Assembly have taken some good photos of the MPs or députés playing online games and making purchases on their mobile devices. During a night-time debate Socialist MP Matthieu Hanotin, who says politics are in his blood, was caught playing chess.

This is par for the course nowadays, and probably other MPs worldwide do the same thing.