Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Month 4 Circulation Figures. Top Ten Articles for this month and all time. Top Ten Countries.

Top Ten from 89 posts over four months.

Bad Exam Results? All is not lost. Access Courses. 28 Aug 2012
Wellington Boots. 31 Aug 2012,
A Bursar’s Checklist 9 Sep 2012
Jacques Rogge and David Bond interview 24 Jul 2012
Dame Laura Knight exhibition in Penzance. 10 Aug 2012
Fasting: Eat, Fast and Live Longer. 1 Sep 2012
Angela Merkel
Istanbul, Turkey. Basilica Cistern, Topkapi Palace. 27 Oct 2012
Gallipoli. Fabian Ware. Commonwealth War Graves 17 Oct 2012

Top Ten Posts Month 4

 Istanbul, Turkey.
The Cornish Language.
Gallipoli. Fabian Ware. Commonwealth War Graves.
Wellington Boots.
Bad Exam Results? All is not lost. Access Courses.
Ukraine, near Yalta: Swallow's Nest Castle.
PCC Elections in Devon & Cornwall.   
France: Philandering, Sex, and Women Politicians.  
Dame Laura Knight exhibition in Penzance. Nuremberg Trial.
Paralympic Sailing Results. Team GB and Holland Gold.
Bad Exam Results shows perhaps that UK students are still hunting for courses. This has been at the top for the last two months.
Brown Willy on Bodmin Moor
The Cornish Language article has been shooting up the charts recently, but even though I live in Cornwall I don’t know why!  Could it be because of the publicity and guest appearances of two Liberal Democrat MPs on Tamm ha Tamm, an online programme teaching the Cornish language ? (See yesterday's post).

Or is it the debate about renaming Brown Willy and reverting to Bronn Wennili, the ancient Cornish name?  Both names could be used, as in Wales. Political Correctness has gone mad, as Brown Willy looks nothing like a willy, and Brown Willy was easier to say - just as Wipers was easier for our soldiers to say than Ypres during WW1.     

The article on the PCC elections showed readers were hunting round for information as the media and public was lukewarm and voting footfall very low. The only one to send out a manifesto in Cornwall as far as I know was the winner and new PCC for Devon and Cornwall, Tony Hogg, and this was on the back of Sarah Newton’s Local Update Leaflet. Sarah is the Conservative MP for Truro and Falmouth and already the Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party. She was elected in 2010 beating the Liberal candidate by 435 votes. When she was sworn in she took the oath in Cornish.
Laura Knight had a very slow start but has made the all time top ten, maybe because the exhibition (sponsored by Messum, and curated by Penlee Gallery in Penzance), is currently touring the UK. I added the information on The Dock/Nuremberg Trials from another post on her which nobody read to the original post.
Wellington Boots was also a slow starter but not any more.
Newquay has been updated, as the Macmillan Film premiere has been and gone. The charity made a welcome £1000. 
Celtic Sheepskin and the beautiful National Trust Elizabethan property Trerice have been added.
Articles on France: Philandering, Sex etc. and Wellington Boots seemed to have aroused some readers, therefore suggestive comments were deleted.
Genuine interest in the Paralympic Sailing Results, led to a rewrite and results in full. Your interest compensates for the neglect by television in particular and media too of the fabulous unsung Paralympic sailors.
Readers still have a tendresse for Grandma Moses and Golf Debate/Belly and Broomstick Putters. The presentation of the latter looks amateurish but has been left as a reminder of the early days of a beginner.
Top Ten Countries All Time 
1.            UK 2528
2.            USA  1073
3.            Ukraine   292 
4.            China  273    
5.            Russia 173
6.            France  131
7.            Germany  106
8.            Australia 84
9.            Israel   60
10.         Canada  30

Top Ten Countries Month 4
1.            UK            
2.            USA
3.            China
4.            Ukraine
5.            France
6.            Germany
7.            Russia
8.            Australia
9.            Israel
10.         India

The United States topped the 1000 mark this month. China  has shot up the list;  so far I haven't written a word about it but Shanghai looked wonderful in Skyfall, the new James Bond film. Ukraine and Russia's figures are growing. India are back again this month.

Other countries in alphabetical order have tuned in over the last four months, but Blogger doesn’t give the statistics for those. Austria, Bangladesh, Brazil, Croatia, Denmark, Greece, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Isle of Man, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Mauritius, Moldova, Monaco, Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Syria, Thailand and  Turkey.