Friday, 9 November 2012

Police and Crime Commissioner Elections 2012. Devon and Cornwall. Devon and Cornwall Candidates. John Prescott is 1-5 on for Humberside PCC.

41 PCC areas in Uk and Wales.

On 15 November, elections will be held for 37 new Police and Crime Commissioners in England, and 4 in Wales. London is not included, as Commissioners of the City of London and the London Metropolis are appointments.

There is a lot of apathy about these elections, although they mark a radical change. The Police Force in general is not at all keen on an outside replacement.. The new Police and Crime Commissioners are somewhat like sheriffs, which is why the elections are called American style.

PCCs will replace police authorities as ‘All police and crime commissioners will have a stronger mandate than the unelected and invisible police authorities that they replace.” Hansard, Lord Henley, Conservative,

Police and Crime Commissioners will be elected every four years. Those in the largest areas will get salaries of more than £100,000 and no prior police force experience is needed.

Devon and Cornwall is one of the largest geographical areas in England to police, and is considered to be one of the safest areas in which to live, although last month’s figures from the Office for National Statistics showed crime in Devon and Cornwall had risen by over 7% in a year.

The salary for the new Devon and Cornwall PCC will be £85,000, and the cost of the PCC elections is £75million, according to the Plymouth Herald.

Devon and Cornwall Constabulary’s annual budget is around £255m but cuts in the police force are inevitable as £51 million has to be saved by 2015.

Government website spells out the duties of a PCC.
The Police and Crime Commissioner will be responsible for holding the Chief Constable and police force to account on the public's behalf.

The Police and Crime Commissioner will oversee how crime is tackled in their area and aim to make sure the police are providing a good service.

The Police and Crime Commissioner role includes:

■meeting the public regularly to listen to their views on policing

■producing a police and crime plan setting out local policing priorities

■deciding how the budget will be spent

■appointing Chief Constables and dismissing them if needed.

Candidates for Devon and Cornwall Police and Crime Commissioner

Not all the candidates put their ages down.

Brian Blake, 65, Liberal Democrat, is a former Devon and Cornwall and Ministry of Defence Police Officer. 

Graham Calderwood, 67, Independent, is a solicitor.

Brian Greenslade, Independent, is a former Chairman of Devon & Cornwall Police Authority, former Liberal Democrat Chairman of Devon County Council and Resources Chair and Board Member Association of Police Authorities/APA.

Commodore Tony Hogg, Conservative, ex Falklands and former Commanding Officer of RNAS Culdrose. He is the only one to have sent me his manifesto.

Ivan Jordan RIBA, Independent, is a chartered architect and farmer.  

William Morris, 62, Independent, is the Secretary General of a charity, the Next Century Foundation (NFC) and Chairman of the International Council for Press and Broadcasting.

Bob Smith, 60, UK Independence Party, is a psychologist.  

John Smith, Independent, is a former Chairman of Devon & Cornwall Police Authority and former Liberal Democrat Devon County Councillor.

Nicky Williams, Labour, is a Plymouth councillor  

Tam Macpherson, Independent, is a former Royal Marine, and owner of the Clipper Inn, in Union Street, Plymouth. Cornwall and Devon are never keen on being lumped together so it is interesting that  Macpherson wants to separate the Devon and Cornwall police forces.

Update Devon and Cornwall:
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    Tony Hoggis  the new PCC with 64,419 votes;
     Independent Brian Greenslade was second, with 37,243 votes.  
     The turnout at polling stations in Devon and Cornwall was 14.7%.
Lord Prescott

A high profile candidate standing for Humberside Police and Crime Commissioner is former Deputy Prime Minister of the UK from 1997 to 2007, Lord Prescott, 74. Tony Blair is currently at Mr Chu's China Palace in Hull to campaign for his old Labour chum. The link to Prescott by Wikipedia is interesting on the controversies surrounding him, as well as everything else of course.

Humberside Update
Lord Prescott, Labour, lost to Conservative Matthew Grove In a second round. Mr Grove had 42,164 votes and Lord Prescott 39,933.
In the first round Prescott had 33,282 votes and Grove 29,440.
Turnout for the election was 19.15%, which was more than average.