Thursday, 6 December 2012

Kokedama/"Moss Ball" Garden Plants. Decking. Artificial Lawns. Gardening Trends

Over the years there have been plenty of gardening trends, mainly good.

The worst of all was decking, which became so popular at one stage that the garden became difficult to see, and led to less gardening, but perhaps that was the idea of decking. Artificial lawns may replace decking, and at least look nicer, but an outdoor hoover will probably be needed  .

Flower beds with variegated cabbages, wild flower planting, as seen at the Olympics, austerity allotments, wild grass planting copied from Germany, cacti, water-gardens, herb-gardens to keep up with all the TV cookery programmes and artistic fish-bowl planting are still popular with gardeners. Now Kokedama can be added to the repertoire.



Kokedama  Think of hanging baskets without the basket and you are left with hanging plants. Kokedama  is a form of bonsai, whereby clay or sticky soil is moulded into a ball round the base and roots of a plant, wrapped in kokedama or 'moss ball' and hung up with string, or left flat.

The Daily Telegraph has been writing about this new craze, which has got to the UK rather later than other countries. The photos show how the plants look, but be careful if you hang them up, this is a fiddly job and like puppets the strings will be apparent. Watering the hanging plants will also lead to drips all over the floor.