Friday, 21 December 2012

Month 5 Circulation Figures.Adding Labels = 250 Page Views in a Day

November 22 to December 21

Pageviews Today 250: the most ever, see above!

This was because I discovered how to do labels which really bumped up the figures for the last 24 hours, usually the average day is around 50-60 pageviews.

This month a terrible thing happened: Wellington Boots, the second most popular post, disappeared and the Fasting/Hunger Strike article suddenly appeared in its place. This is going to muck up the statistics as all the figures disappeared for the latter while redoing Wellingtons, which fortunately I still had on Word. Apart from the glitch with Wellington Boots, Blogger keeps bloggers in good order, with dates and stats. This is good, as I would never have kept up with everything otherwise.

Pageviews This Month 2130
Pageviews All Time 7486

For the first time, USA had more readers in one day - 101 - than the UK, 92
Earlier posts have been updated.  
The most popular article has been Paralympic Sailing Results, which confirms your interest in this unsung sport.
Among Search Keywords were ‘Angie Merkel cleavage’ and ‘Adam Scott Argyle Sweater’. ·       
67 countries overall have tuned in over the last 5 months, with new interest recently shown by Polish readers.
http// and http// have visited Rambulation
Ukraine and China are keen visitors and rising fast in chart
Japan is starting to take notice

New Articles Month 5
1.    PCC results for Devon and Cornwall and Humberside
2.    Highlights for Truro Hairdressers
3.    Afghanistan. World Heritage Sites:
4.    Cambridge & Counties Bank News. SMEs. Aldermore Bank
5.    Handelsbanken: Bloomberg Nomination “World’s Top Ten Strongest Banks” 
6.    Kokedama/"Moss Ball" Garden Plants. Decking. Gardening Trends
7.    Lord Leveson himself. Leveson Inquiry
8.    Fashion Trade in Python Skins. Jimmy Choo.
9.    Cornwall Air Ambulance. Autism - Can you recover? The Answer is Yes.
10. Francis Bacon Exhibition. Art Gallery NSW Sydney
11. Highlights for Truro Hairdressers
12. Autism. Can you recover? The answer is Yes.
Top 30 Articles Alltime
1.    Bad Exam Results? All is not lost.       
2.    Wellington Boots   
3.    Paralympic Sailing Results.      
4.    A Bursar’s Checklist.    
5.    Dame Laura Knight Exhibition in Penzance.      
6.    Gallipoli
7.    The Cornish Language      
8.    France: Philandering, Sex and Women Politicians       
9.    Jacques Rogge and David Bond/Rogge BBC    interview  
10.  Istanbul
11.  Newquay
12.  Buchinger Clinic: Fasting. Eat, Fast and Live Longer
13.  Baldness Cure? Propecia
14.  Ukraine, near Yalta: Swallow's Nest Castle,         
15.  Angela Merkel is voted the World's Most Powerful Woman
16.  UK Hungry Need Emergency Food.
17.  Banking: A New Era?
18.  Laura Knight. The Dock. Nuremberg Trials
19.  Golf News on Belly and Broomstick Putters
20.  Grandma Moses
21.  Anneka Rice Paintings and some Rears of the Year
22.  Buchinger Clinic. A True Cure
23.  Free Schools. New York Charter Schools & Swedish System
24.  Cornwall Air Ambulance
25.  Brown Willy on Bodmin Moor
26. Garden Waste: Japanese Knotweed, Giant Hogweed and   Ragwort
27. PCC Elections
28. Boring Bank/Cambridge Commercial Lending Company
29. Fashion Trade in Python Skins. Jimmy Choo.
30. Maranatha

Top Eleven Countries All Time



United States






















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