Tuesday, 29 January 2013

'Dutch Wave' garden plants for the Piet Oudolf look, suggested by the Daily Telegraph. Books and gardens.

Piet Oudolph's  hedges at Hummelo, near Arnhem

Piet Oudolph Pensthorpe Millennium Garden
Piet Oudolph  Scampston Hall, Yorkshire
High Line, New York.
Oudolf’s garden by a railway track makes use of American native plants

The Daily Telegraph, inspired by Piet Oudolf, promoted what it called the 'Dutch Wave' style of gardening in the UK  and named and sold the top ten plants for it back in 2010:

  1. Miscanthus Sinensis Ferner osten
  2. Eupatorium Maculatum Riesenschirm
  3. Echinacea purpurea 'Fatal Attraction’
  4. Stachys officinalis 'Hummelo'
  5. Aconitum Carmichaelii Arendsii. George Arends
  6. Veronicastrum virginicum 'Lavendelturm’
  7. Rudbeckia fulgida var. sullivantii 'Goldsturm’
  8. Calamagrostis Brachytricha
  9. Sanguisorba officinalis 'Red Thunder’
  10. Monarda 'Mohawk'

The 'new perennials' style originated in Germany over a hundred years ago, with plantsmen and landscape gardeners George Arends, Ludwig Winter, Karl Foerster and Ernst Pagels. They bred and developed grasses and perennials, which suited the German soil and did not need much maintenance, apart from division every few years. Pagels and Oudolf became friends: certainly Pagels inspired Oudolf, who saw the miscanthus and other grasses at Pagels' nursery at Leer.
Piet Oudolph, 69, originally studied architecture, and structures gardens accordingly; he blends his plants with a selected palette of colours like an artist. His gardens are admired in a growing number of countries worldwide. There is not a tulip in sight.

                                          Piet Oudolph, 69.

    Miscanthus Sinensis Ferner osten
Eupatorium Maculatum Riesenschirm

Echinacea purpurea 'Fatal Attraction’

Stachys officinalis 'Hummelo'

Aconitum Carmichaelii Arendsii. George Arends

Veronicastrum Virginicum Lavendelturm
Rudbeckia fulgida var. sullivantii 'goldsturm'

Calamagrostis Brachytricha

Sanguisorba officinalis 'Red Thunder’
Michael Wickenden introduced sanguisorba to the UK from Russia
Monarda 'Mohawk'

  • Gardening With Grasses, 1998, Piet Oudolf, Michael King and Beth Chatto
  • Designing With Plants 1999, Piet Oudolf and Noel Kingsbury
  • Dream Plants for the Natural Garden 2000 Piet Oudolf with Henk Gerritsen
  • Planting the Natural Garden, 2003, Piet Oudolf with Henk Gerritsen
  • Planting Design: Gardens in Time and Space, 2005, Piet Oudolf and Noel Kingsbury.
  •  Landscapes in Landscapes, 2011, Piet Oudolf

Garden Designs by Piet Oudolf

  • Hummelo, Piet Oudolf’s and wife Anje's  garden and nursery, started in 1982, and is constantly evolving.
  • ABN Amro Bank, Netherlands, 2000.
  • Hoogeland, Netherlands, 2001
  • Lurie Garden, on the roof of Millennium Park over the car park in Chicago, 2003, (in collaboration with Kathryn Gustafson).
  • Scampston Hall, Yorkshire, 2002-2003).
  • Battery Park, New York, 2003.
  • High Line, New York, 2006. .
  • Biennale, Venice, 2010
  • Serpentine Gallery‘s interior garden, London, 2011, (together with Swiss architect Peter Zumthor).
Oudolf’s garden designs can also be seen at the Dream Garden in Sweden, in Spain, Ireland and in other parts of the world.