Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Mystery Shoppers. Market Research. Jobs available.

Companies needing to improve their services hire market research companies to provide them with  a report and recommendations . Market research companies in turn pay mystery shoppers to go undercover to carry out specific research for them. Mystery shoppers do not necessarily go shopping as they work in many fields. 

Retailers, hotels, restaurants, pubs, theatres, cinemas, travel companies, railways, airlines, cruise lines, night clubs, car dealers, petrol stations, insurers, banks, pollsters, online retailers and call centres are just some of the places requiring independent information.

Mystery shoppers may have to report on the attitude, appearance and cleanliness of staff and business place . They may need to ask questions to discover whether employees are well-informed about methodology and the products they deal with. The answers then provide market researchers with data for their clients/employers concerning workplaces, products and adequacy of staff training.

Mystery shoppers may not get paid very much, but they do have a varied, flexible job, and there are perks.  Shoppers will often have to eat out, stay in hotels and travel. They may get to keep certain items from a supermarket or department store, but at other times may have to return the goods in order to check whether returns' policies are handled correctly.

Much convenience and fast food might have to be eaten, which may not suit all mystery shoppers.Many tedious forms have to be filled in and sent back as soon as possible. Many hours may have to be spent watching and waiting indoors or out at unsociable hours in all weathers in order to collect specific data. Nonetheless, an article How to Live Large and Largely for Free by Robert Frank, from the Wall Street Journal online/WSJ.com shows it is possible to make a success of this unusual kind of job. Amazon has plenty of books on the subject, discussing all the pros and cons.