Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Socialist Worker. Murdoch Press and Media Mogul Alexander Lebedev The Sun. Eton.Tsukanov Family Foundation


Socialist Worker. Murdoch  Press. The Sun.  

The Socialist Worker newspaper was founded in 1961, and is published by the Socialist Workers (sic) Party on Wednesdays. It is distributed through the W H Smith distribution network. The paper can be read free online and the print edition costs £5 a month by subscription.

The newspaper relies on donations because “Unlike the rest of the national media, Socialist Worker is not supported by millionaires or fat cats”.

Prisoners can have it sent free, on request.

The newspaper calls itself revolutionary and anti-capitalist: its website states:

“Why we need Socialist Worker.

The mainstream press is owned and controlled by the rich and powerful. They demonise anyone who dares to fight back against their rotten system. They scapegoat immigrants, Muslims and others to try to divide us.

Socialist Worker proudly takes the side of the oppressed and exploited. We expose the corruption that runs right through the media, mainstream politics and the state.

That is why the Murdoch press hates us. We were proud to be named “Villain of the Week” by The Sun after backing protests against the government’s workfare scheme. We are a thorn in the side of the Tories and the bosses.

This is just one example of how we do more than report on events. We also draw the links between stories and help direct people to join protests, strikes and struggles for change.

Socialist Worker is an organising tool for every trade unionist, anti-cuts campaigner, anti-racist and student. "
Alexander Lebedev


The Russian oligarch Alexander Lebedev and his son Evgeny fit the above description of “mainstream press/ rich and powerful” , as owners of the Evening Standard, Independent, Independent on Sunday and the i newspaper. The break-up of the Soviet Union must have hit the Socialist Workers Party hard, especially when some Russians have become hugely successful capitalists.

Eton. Tsukanov Family

A recent online article by the Socialist Worker about Eton was aimed at the Russian Tsukanov Family Foundation for providing two or three scholarships a year for children of Russian origin. The paper is also disparaging in its choice of the word ‘spawn to describe the children of our royal family.
 "Eton is one of the elite private schools that produces the Sirs, the Lords, the army generals and the judges.

It’s where the royal family sends its spawn..”

The SWP also publishes Socialist Review every month and International Socialism every quarter.

http://www.swappeal.org.uk/index.php/why-need-sw Socialist Worker