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Research on the current banking situation in Cyprus uncovered this article by investigative journalist Daniel Estulin which he published on his website 1 April,  2013.   The author was born in Vilnius, Lithuania, but now lives in Spain.
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"We are in the middle of an unprecedented financial meltdown and anyone who tells you otherwise is sadly mistaken or plainly lying to you. Some of the most endangered banks are among the largest banks in the world, especially in Europe, where the contagion is most likely. These are huge banks, all with at least $1 trillion in assets — all knee deep in bad loans … all in or near the same condition as Cyprus banks were a year or two ago. As much as you are being told that the system is fine and that Cyprus was just a hiccup  don´t believe it. The system is broken and nobody in Europe knows how to fix it.

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In Cyprus, ordinary citizens are being told to pay for the rescue package of their broken banking system. Spain´s leading daily, el Mundo, in a scathing attack against the system reported in their March 31 article that it is just a matter of time before we all become like the citizens of Cyprus.

This planned de facto expropriation will hopefully finally open the eyes of many of still-lethargic citizens to the fact that the entire financial system—and not just the euro—is completely bankrupt, and we now have to pull the rip cord.

And as Helga Zepp LaRouche stated, “The Cyprus crisis is also an example of how the crisis intensifies the tensions between the West, and Russia and China: Although it is well known that a great deal of Russian money is deposited in the Cypriot banks, no one thought it necessary to inform the Russian government about the intended action...This is a scandal in itself, and Putin and Vladimir Yakunin [the head of the Russian Railways] reacted very angrily, because [European Central Bank president] Mario Draghi happened to be in Moscow last week and didn’t tell them anything about the planned measures. This is obviously one more reflection of the arrogance of these people, that they think they can treat countries like Russia in this way—and this collapse of the trans-Atlantic system is heightening the war danger".

“As we have elaborated elsewhere, the war danger emanates from the idea of empire, that the idea of going for an Anglo-American-dominated empire when the Soviet Union collapsed, and have regime change against any country that stands in the way. That’s the same drive as the globalization of the financial system, and both of these things are now coming to a head.”

Therefore, instead of the current doctrine of geopolitical conflict resolution through war and regime change, we must introduce the idea of the common aims of mankind. An example of a common concern is shown by the concurrence of the asteroid flyby and the meteor shower over the Urals on Feb. 15. “This is a real danger, and we should now concentrate on these kinds of things, which might wipe out civilization altogether.”
Books by Daniel Estulin
  • La Verdadera Historia del Club Bilderberg/ The True Story of the Bilderberg Group*. 2007
  • Los secretos del club Bilderberg/The Secrets of the Bilderberg Group, published in 2006, which Wikipedia said Castro had described as a fantastic story. The word fantastic can be taken in two ways of course.
  • Los se├▒ores de las sombras : la verdad sobre el tejido de intereses ocultos que decide el destino del mundo/ Shadow masters: how governments and their intelligence agencies are working with drug dealers and terrorists for mutual benefit and profit, 2010
  • Tavistock Institute 2011
  • Deconstructing Wikileaks 2011 
  • The Invisible Empire 2011
  • Octopus Conspiracy 2010 
*Wikipedia describes the Bilderberg Group as an annual invitation-only conference of the elite in the fields of business, finance, media, military and politics.