Monday, 29 April 2013

Renue Beauty Trial: Cheap Offer "Surge of Youth" Do not be taken in by before and after photos.

It is rather embarrassing to admit, but I was taken in by amazing before and after photos of a woman with pronounced wrinkles and hey presto without. 

A trial offer kit of cleanser, eye cream and lift and firming face cream were to be had for the trifling amount of a few English pounds. I duly gave my bank card details and paid about £7 for three products. 

"This 2 step system gets you to your ultimate goal of being wrinkle free faster than any other product without surgery or harmful chemicals.

We believe in our products so much that we have decided to introduce a 14 Day Trial offer to show you just how effective this 2 step natural solution really is. All you pay is £2.49 for shipping and handling for a full month supply of Surge of Youth Kit.

Give it a try today, we'll take all the risk and you'll get the results you expect. What do you have to lose? Years from your *apperance".(sic).

* I should have noticed the spelling error in the blurb.

I put the order in just before going skiing to Les Arcs and the three products in the kit arrived very promptly.

 I was then away for almost three weeks. It was only when I returned home that I received my bank statement to find that Renue had taken meanwhile 4 lots of £50 from my account, totalling over £200. I never signed up for anything but the trial offer and there was no small print on the simple order form.

Renue products are made in Canada and distributed by ProGenesis Chicago IL, 60601.

I emailed Renue several times but they have not replied. Despite extensive research for Renue the photos and site could not be found on the internet. Surge of Youth products did turn up but there were no photos of the wrinkled woman on that site. 

Similar advertisements also had before and after photos of different woman, and on trying to open one Bullguard blocked it.  I sadly read of many other women who had been duped by firms with same old sort of beauty products and also firms selling slimming products.

I do not yet know if this is a scam or not. All I know is that I must have had a mad rush of blood to have believed in the pictures of a woman transformed by the Surge of Youth products, but the price for the trial products was so cheap I had nothing to lose, or so I thought. .. 

My bank has now dealt with the matter but it has all taken time to resolve.