Sunday, 19 May 2013

13. Land's End to John O'Groats. Emmaus Bristol. Blisters, Balloons and trespassing. Bristol to Wales.

Total raised for Emmaus Oxford has grown steadily, including Gift Aid of £4,077.50 from 82 generous donors: Rob and David are aiming to raise £25,000 for this international charity which houses and gives work to the homeless.

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Emmaus Bristol tweet: Emmaus UK ‏@EmmausUK 16h
The boys are wobbling away!  give if you can and read their latest news 

16 May Facebook.  

"Yooo.  We are in Bristol!  Finally. Done 300 miles.  The southwest is done!  Bring on the Midlands". 

Rob at Clifton Suspension Bridge


Churchill Hall

Rob Brough Tweet: 

"Just chilling in Churchill Halls, Bristol Uni with Don Carmady.  So nice to have a half hour shower without tokens and a sit on a bed".  X

"Hi Mary,

Just going to tell you about our 36 hrs rest in Bristol:                   


We arrived into Bristol, around 5pm, walking through Ashton Park Deer reserve, coming in through the Clifton side, over the Clifton suspension bridge.  We then ambled slowly through the Downs park, where we made our way to Churchill Halls.  

My friend Hugo, who is studying Politics, very kindly put us up on his room floor for two nights.  We went to the Hall's bar that night.  Had a few drinks (lime and soda for us) and played some pool and video games).  It was a nice feeling not having to completely unpack and get tent done etc. etc.  

The next day we woke up (no alarm!!!) Had breakfast in the Hall's canteen.  We then hung around, saw some old friends individually.  
Shaftesbury House is the Emmaus Bristol Community home
with over 20 en-suite rooms for Companions who were once homeless.

One of Emmaus Bristol's 3 shops

David and Robbie at Emmaus Bristol
look exhausted after walking 310 miles in 16 days.

Tweet from Emmaus UK ‏@EmmausUK 17 May
"Hope the food and company  @emmausbristol will keep you going for a while

Tony, a Companion from Emmaus Bristol very kindly picked us up, in order to give our feet a rest, and drove us to their community.  We had a very nice lunch with Dave Perry, the community leader there.  We then were shown around the second-hand furniture workshop and shop by a very hospitable Companion whose name unfortunately escapes me.  We then appeared on their 'Wobblecam'.  This was a 2-3minute interview on a video, which I believe has been uploaded onto their site, or will be soon.  Their organisation is small, but is epic in spirit.  We didn't manage to get any photos of Companions. Really stupid of us and a real shame in hindsight.

Robbie and I then walked back to halls through Bristol city centre.  Picking up blister plasters on the way. 

I saw an ambulance parked in the Downs, and went over to see if they could professionally attend to my blisters, IF THEY WERE FREE. Unfortunately for me, they got a call out half way through our conversation, and I couldn't remotely justify in my head accepting their offer of sending another ambulance out just for me and my bloody blisters.  

*Wagamamas in the centre of the map is near Emmaus Bristol, on the left
Some more friends who live locally drove down in the early evening, and we all went out to Wagamamas for a group dinner which was very pleasant". 

Twitter 18 May

24 hrs break is over. Thank you Hugo Carmady for being so hospitable. We had a fun dinner last night with some of my friends and some of Robbie's.  Bristol was fun, but we must move on now. Thank you". X

The Severn Bridge opened in 1966, 
and replaced the Aust ferry.  
The Second Severn Crossing opened in 1996
Chepstow Castle, Monmouthshire, S.E. Wales 

Robbie and I woke up at a usual time of 07:01 (07:00 is too early for me). We then walked out of Bristol after our goodbyes, and headed for the river Severn Bridge, where we had to trespass under the bridge, as the footpath ran out!  But we got away with it just fine. The footpath was a coastal footpath, but when you get to the old river Severn bridge it just stops and no public access is allowed, so we had to scale up the metal work and jump over the wall. 

We stopped off in Chepstow for some food, and finally walked the last two miles to Sedbury, where we are residing tonight in a lovely campsite, where we got three pounds off. 

Bristol to Monmouth. Google Map Walkers' Route
That is all from me, heading to Monmouth tomorrow, where we are meeting my best friend and his girlfriend who have promised us a Sunday pub dinner. 

Rob will send pictures,

Ashton Park is famous for the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta
which started in 1979: this year it is from 8 -11 August. 
Isambard Brunel's Clifton suspension bridge is on the left.

Ashton Court Estate is owned by Bristol Council and has 850 acres with two deer parks, golf courses, a weekly market, riding, running and bike trails, kiting and orienteering. Parkrun takes place every Saturday with a timed run through the park of 5km (just over three miles) which is open to everyone. 

*Wagamamas is an innovative international chain of Thai restaurants: orders are taken via PDAs, or personal Digital Assistants - mobile devices which network orders wirelessly to the kitchen.

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