Monday, 6 May 2013

4. Land's End to John O'Groats. Days 4-5. 'Sore Feet.' Robbie Brough and David Sansom at Dennis Cove Campsite: James 'Harry' Smith, manager ...100 percent hero”.

David Sansom and Robbie Brough
Photo by Martin Sheard, Emmaus Cornwall
Day 5. Newquay to Padstow. David’s post on Facebook:

“We both had some pretty nasty strains on our feet today.  Robbie has some Achilles tendon issues on his right foot, and I too have strains on the front tendons on both feet.  But we soldiered on (slowly) and did manage to get to Padstow which is where we are now and where we wanted to be.  We arrived at Dennis Cove Campsite finally around 6.30.  It was £14.90 (including shower tokens)... BUT... They didn't take card and we had blown all of our cash on milk, energy drinks, sausages and smash, so we thought we'd be turned away.  However, the owner very kindly let us stay for free, with free tokens as he found out about the adventure we're on.  His name was James 'Harry' Smith, manager at Dennis Cove campsite...100 percent hero”.

Robbie and David decided to use the road rather than the coast path because the latter is thought to be a two day trip and the road a one day trip.

Robbie Brough and David Sansom are currently in Tintagel on their 1,200+ miles walk to raise funds for Emmaus Oxford. 

Emmaus is an international charity with 24 communities across the UK.  It provides employment, new qualifications and places to live for the homeless. 

Emmaus Cornwall is opening its first shop this year, with a community residence as soon as possible after that.

If you would like to join up with David and Robbie along the route, email

Donations to: at and 
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