Wednesday, 8 May 2013

6. Land's End to John O'Groats. 'Solid walking' through Port Gaverne, Tintagel, Beeny and Boscastle. David Sansom and Rob Brough are "proper walkers now."

Tintagel, the legendary home of King Arthur
This is Cornwall p

By 6 May Rob and David had reached the 100 mile barrier, and still had 11,000 miles to go at that stage. They thoughtfully sent the following message on Twitter, Trading Places ‏@DRTradingPlaces 6 May.

"Condolences to friends and family of the family involved in the boating accident in Padstow last night. Very sad news I hope you're ok".

David and Rob are walking today to Bude, in their quest to raise money for Emmaus Oxford,  which is part of an international charity which houses the homeless and provides them with employment and new qualifications.

Report by David Sansom 7 May

"Our feet have finally hardened! We're proper walkers now at last. It takes 7 days of solid walking and over 100 miles for COMPLETE novices to become comfortable walkers. 

We only just passed through Tintagel today for a passing lunch, as we had to get to Beeny just outside Boscastle. Last night at Port Gaverne, we were kindly allowed to stay for free, as we are tonight in Beeny. Everyone is being so hospitable and friendly. 

In Boscastle today, I made a 5 minute documentary, interviewing residents who had been affected by the floods in 2004. This is because the Boscastle flood is a major flooding case study at my school for geography GCSEs/AS/A-levels, and if my inference techniques serve me right, I believe St.Edwards geography dept will donate to Emmaus in return for the video of first hand experiences for locals. We settled down for a nice meal of chicken wraps and are tucked up now for bed.  Not much really happened today. It's trying its best to rain now, but hopefully it's just a phase".

  Flash Flood in Boscastle, 2004, photo
Wikpedia has a good account of this below

David chilling in Tintagel. Photo and caption by Rob Brough
The view of last evening's camp-site where it was sunny for the 7th time!
Photo and caption by Rob Brough

Horses on beach
Photo and caption by Rob Brough

Donations to: at
Trading Places@DRTradingPlaces on Twitter
Emmaus Cornwall:

Flash Flood in Boscastle:Wikipedia

A flash flood on 16 August 2004 caused extensive damage to the village. Residents were trapped in houses as the roads turned into rivers: people were trapped on roofs, in cars, in buildings and on the river's banks. and the village's visitor centre was washed away.Two Royal Air Force Westland Sea King rescue helicopters from Chivenor, three Royal Navy Sea Kings from Culdrose, one RAF Sea King from St Mawgan and one Coastguard S61 helicopter from Portland searched for and assisted casualties in and around the village.

The operation was coordinated by the Aeronautical Rescue Coordination Centre (ARCC) based at RAF Kinloss in Scotland in the largest peacetime rescue operation ever launched in the UK. A total of 91 people were rescued and there were no fatalities, only one broken thumb. Around 50 cars were swept into the harbour and the bridge was washed away, roads were submerged under 2.75 m of water, making communication effectively impossible until flood-waters subsided. The sewerage system burst, and for this range of health and safety reasons Boscastle was declared temporarily inaccessible.