Thursday, 9 May 2013

8. Land's End to John O'Groats. 19 miles of Cornish rain. Boscastle to Bude/John O'Groats. Bude Castle and Canal. Jean Rhys. Sir Goldsworthy Gurney. Truro Grammar School.

8 May.
Rob Brough

"Today was very long. We went from Boscastle all the way to Bude and racked up about 30km (19 miles or so) and most of the day was walked in rain!

However spirits are high as we are leaving Cornwall tomorrow and although we will be sad to leave the lovely people of Cornwall and Emmaus Cornwall behind. It is a big benchmark in the walk to have completed our first county.

We aim to take roads to get to Barnstaple in 2 days from now. This would leave us with a few days to Minehead from where we will follow an old path to Bristol and cross the Severn bridge to join Offa's Dyke.

Besides getting wet not much else happened today.

We managed to keep everything more or less dry and Sebastian (our tent) stood up well to the rain and wind last night! It's harder to communicate with each other in the rain so Dave and I had minimal conversation in the morning but as the  weather brightened up so did our spirits.

Bude Cliffs

As we entered the beautiful town of Bude over the iconic cliffs everything seemed fine. We got to a camp-site in north Bude where we were able to stay for free due to our raising money for charity. Speaking of which we were given some free food by a pub in Widemouth bay for the same reason!

Widemouth Bay

We are getting more confident saying we are raising money for charity and have been given a free place to pitch our tents for 4 nights in a row now!"

Rob on a field track

David with his mobile

David Sansom

"Just a quick message to explain why we don't accept cash. We do not want to run the risk of losing/accidentally spending/losing track of money given to us on this walk. Naturally, we'd never dream of making the money our own. We refuse it every time we have been offered cash, and we give people instructions on how to do it on-line".

Update: David and Rob now do accept money for Emmaus Oxford en route, and put it in a large thick envelope. Virgin Money Giving is taking care of all other donations. 
David on Devon/Cornwall Border 

Rob and David are currently on the way to Barnstaple on their 1,200+ miles walk to raise funds for Emmaus Oxford.  

Emmaus is an international charity with 24 communities across the UK.  It provides employment, new qualifications and places to live for the homeless.  

Emmaus Cornwall is opening its first shop this year, with a community residence as soon as possible after that.

Donations to: Twitter:Tradingplaces@DRtradingplaces

Bude Castle dates back to 1830. 
It is licenced for weddings,
with a good restaurant and Atlantic views .

Gurney Stove, in Bude Castle Heritage Centre
Bude Castle was built for Sir Goldsworthy Gurney,  who was educated at Truro Grammar School. He went on to become a surgeon, chemist, lecturer, consultant, architect, builder, scientist and last but most important, the inventor of the oxy-hydrogen blowpipe, which led to a novel form of illumination, the Bude light. He developed a series of early steam-powered road vehicles and allegedly the blast-pipe, a key component in the success of steam locomotives, engines, and other coal-fired systems, including the Gurney stove.

The writer Jean Rhys (1890-1979) lived in Bude in the latter part of the 1950s, in a ground-floor flat on Breakwater Road, where she began writing her most successful novel Wide Sargasso Sea. She found Bude cold, bleak and unfriendly, and drank heavily.

The Bude Canal is a good place to go for a walk. It was built in the early 1820s to carry the calcium-rich sea sand inland where it was used by farmers as fertiliser.