Friday, 10 May 2013

9. Land's End to John O'Groats. Devon. Anne Diamond BBC interview on walk by David Sansom and Robbie Brough for Emmaus Oxford. Emmaus International.

David Sansom and Robbie Brough are currently walking in chilly weather to Barnstaple, Devon. They won't have time, but Barnstaple is famous for its Pannier Market 

Market days are Monday – Crafts and General (April to December), Tuesday – General and Produce (all year), Wednesday – Arts Collectables and Books (all year), Thursday – Crafts and General (all year), Friday – General and Produce (all year) and Saturday – General and Produce (all year).

Recent Facebook message from Robbie Brough and David Sansom 

"Should be out of Devon by the end of the weekend.  Then onto Bristol in 9-11 days, where we are taking a rest 24 hrs.  If anyone wants to go for a drink or anything, both Robbie and I would love that.  For those back in home, this is the closest on our walk we will get to Oxford, so if you want to see us on this walk, it’s your perfect opportunity.  Would be great to see as many of you as possible as we miss you all.  Just let us know if you want to do something and watch for Facebook updates in the next few days when we can give you a guaranteed day of when we're in Bristol. Mucho love.  Xx"

Before David and Robbie set out on their walk to raise money for Emmaus Oxford they received the following message from Wyon Stansfeld, Development Manager for Emmaus Oxford.

Facebook 27 April.  

“We really appreciate what you guys are doing for our charity (which houses homeless people and gives them work recycling furniture). We think you are very courageous to take this on and particularly to go the whole way without sleeping under a roof. Let’s hope that by doing this thing you will raise awareness about homelessness in Britain - which has been on the rise now for several years.  There are still many people sleeping rough because of the circumstances they're in - not because they are crazy enough to choose it like you guys - but because their luck ran out or they never had any.  Homeless is something that could happen to any of us. 

So, we wish you well and happy on your walk and send you our heartfelt thanks in advance.
Wyon Stansfeld.
PS we have also secured match funding for any donations made (up to a total of 7000) in the next few weeks.  So if anyone out there wants to support you now we can double your money!”

Anne Diamond, presenter of BBC Radio Berkshire  wrote the following blog after meeting Robbie Brough and David Sansom on her mid-morning show.  

April 2013 A very long walk.

Good luck to two young men who are setting off on a 1200 mile walk - from Land's End to John O'Groats - for charity.  When I asked why, they countered 'why not?’  What else are we going to do over the holidays?’  They're David Samson, from Sandhurst, and Robbie Brough from Oxford, and they're setting off tomorrow.  The walk is in aid of a charity called Emmaus.  Although Emmaus is a large multinational charity each community aims to be self-sufficient so is registered as a local charity.  What they do is take in around 25 homeless people at one time and provide them with a bed, food and most importantly a support group.  They work at the charity-owned business (flogging second hand furniture), which teaches them basic working skills and gives them a network from which to expand.  After a while they gain confidence and most move on within 2 years or so into flats or even houses where they are able to get jobs outside Emmaus.

Together the boys are aiming to raise £25,000.  Good luck to them.  If you want to follow their walk, they're on Twitter or on Facebook.

Donations to: 
Twitter:Trading Places@DRtradingplaces

Emmaus is a charitable movement founded in Paris in 1949 by the Catholic priest AbbĂ© Pierre to combat poverty and homelessness.  Emmaus is a secular organisation, but Communities around the world have kept the name because of its symbolism.  The biblical story, found in the Gospel of Luke, describes how two men saw the resurrected Jesus at the town of Emmaus, and so regained hope.

Emmaus International represents 313 groups in 36 countries and is run by Jean Rousseau.

Emmaus Cornwall looks for the support of the people of Cornwall with two objectives in mind.  
First, we welcome anyone, who has gifts and talents and wants to help, to join us in tackling the problems of the single homeless person.  
Secondly, we continue to look for funding support.  
The chairman is Alan Coode: Telephone – 01726 72154;