Saturday, 4 May 2013

2. Land’s End to John O’Groats, days 1-4. Zennor to Portreath. Robbie Brough and David Sansom walk along Cornwall Coastal Path for Emmaus. Days 1-4

Robbie and David are making steady progress on their 1,200+ miles walk to raise funds for Emmaus Oxford and have averaged 16 miles by day 3. 

Emmaus is an international charity with 24 communities across the UK.  It provides employment, new qualifications and places to live for the homeless.  Emmaus Cornwall is opening its first shop this year, with a community residence as soon as possible after that.

 Gurnards Head
The boys pitch their tent at the nearest camp site they can find, and on the second day the Gurnards Head near Zennor, which is in the Good Food Guide, let them tent up in their beer garden.   
Day 2. David and Robbie in Portreath,
where they met up with supporters from Emmaus Cornwall
 Rob and David in Portreath
Photos by Matt Gavan, Glen Carne, Emmaus Cornwall.

Glen Carne is a charity providing supported accommodation near St. Agnes, Cornwall 

They are already feeling a lot fitter although their shoulders ache from carrying backpacks.  Both wear sturdy Brasher’s boots, and are travelling as light as possible.  They take it in turns to carry the tent, which weighs 2½ kilos.  Apart from rain today they have had such good weather that Robbie, who forgot to bring any headgear, got sunburnt.  David forgot to bring hiker’s socks and then mistakenly bought size 11 children’s socks.  Robbie has now bought a hat and David the right socks.

Day 4 Tweet: "Epic scenery, but very cold and VERY wet".

Blue Hills Touring Park
On day 3 they stayed at the Blue Hills Touring Park, Cross Coombe, near St Agnes,  which has hot showers laundry and Wi-Fi.  The prices there are £3 per small tent and £3 each.  I caught up with them there in this small and friendly touring park just after the boys had had a good meal of noodles and pork offcuts for dinner.

They are loving the scenery on the Cornwall Coastal Path, and so far have seen seals on the way to Portreath, picturesque abandoned tin mines and a ‘badass military area’ according to a tweet en route to Newquay today.  When they get a chance the boys video highlights on their very lightweight JVG camcorder. In the evenings after doing the chores tweeting and texting, Robbie and David play cards and plan the next day.

Robbie and David have strict rules for their trip.
  • No alcohol.
  • No complaining.
  • No sleeping on beds, although they ‘sofa surf’ or sleep on floors when they stay with friends en route.
  • No forward lifts.
They start the day early, brewing up tea and making bacon butties for breakfast.  They have also enjoyed Cornish pasties one lunchtime. Tonight they are in Newquay which will be very busy over the bank holiday weekend, and there's plenty of night-life if they are up to it!

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If you would like to join up with David and Robbie along the route, email