Monday, 13 May 2013

1. Trafalgar Roundabout in Truro is like a bomb site. Shell Garage. Truro Police Station. Christmas City of Lights. Prize-winning SW Britain in Bloom Displays.

Trafalgar Roundabout Works 

L-R. Morlaix Avenue, St Austell Street, Tregolls Rd, St Clements Hill, Malpas Rd

Leylandii, a landmark in the city, is fenced off to protect it.

The roundabout on Sunday

The flower bed outside the Catholic Church on St Austell Street
beside the roundabout usually has quirky cabbages and other such
Temporary Pedestrian Path

Trafalgar Roundabout and surroundings are currently like a bomb site. Trenches and deep holes are cordoned off but clearly visible. Large machinery and other equipment is on the roundabout. The cherry tree and most of the flower beds have been removed although the large conifer remains. A plethora of warning signs, traffic cones and temporary footpaths mark surrounding areas.

Trafalgar Roundabout with daily traffic of around 30,000 to 40,000 vehicles is the busiest area in Truro. Roadworks there to improve traffic flow have caused traffic jams on the main approach roads to the roundabout from the A30, St. Austell and Morlaix Avenue, as well as from St Austell Street, St Clements Hill and Malpas Road. The traffic is indeed worse than usual, even though work takes place mainly at night.  

Shell Garage Filling Station "Danger. Deep Excavations"

To add to the scene of devastation the Shell Garage beside the roundabout is closed, the pumps have been demolished, and gaping holes remain in their place. 

 Truro Police Station

A deep trench can be seen next to the Police Station opposite the petrol station. The Police Station is expensive to maintain and may be sold. Rumour last year had it that demolition was also a possibility, but news on that has gone quiet.

Traffic on Morlaix Avenue

It is not all doom and gloom. The end result of the work in progress means that the flow of traffic will definitely improve once the traffic lanes are widened. There will also be  better and safer access for public transport, pedestrians and cyclists,  the road surface will be upgraded and utility pipes re-routed Deadlines for major roadworks in Cornwall usually finish earlier than predicted, and August 2013, the due date for the completion of work at Trafalgar Roundabout, is not too far off.

Roundabout regulars can be sustained by memories of the annual Truro City of Lights display  at Christmas time, masterminded by Nigel Parriss. 

During the summer months Truro’s flower beds beside the roundabout and even on the middle of the Morlaix Avenue by-pass are much admired. 

Last year Truro City Council thanks to Richard Budge, Parks Manager, his team and volunteers won the South West Britain in Bloom Award. They are currently doing what they can where they can, and freshly turned earth in empty flower beds means planting is nigh.

  • City of Lights Procession & Christmas Lights  14 November
  • Father Christmas & Reindeer Procession 21 November 
  • Late night shopping 21 & 28 November, 5, 12 & 19 December.

PS. NB. More of the same to come?

The City fathers issued this Press Release last year. 

“On 8 March 2012, the Cornwall Council Strategic Planning Committee were 'minded to approve' the planning application for a new park and ride site in Truro as part of the Truro Eastern District Centre (TEDC).

The development will incorporate a park and ride, a household waste recycling centre, 97 new homes with 35% affordable housing and a food hall, comprising Waitrose and Taste of Cornwall selling local produce.

The centre will be based on land owned by the Duchy of Cornwall between the A39 Newquay Road and the A390 Union Hill on the eastern side of Truro, where the roads from Newquay and St Austell approach the city.

Work will now continue between Cornwall Council and its partners, to prepare the planning application, which will then have to go through the usual planning process”.