Monday, 3 June 2013

21. Land's End to John O'Groats. Half-way there. Sutton, Hayfield and the Pennines to Huddersfield. 'Proper north Yorkshire.Steak and ale pie.

Robbie Brough on the canals by Macclesfield
David Sansom,
"after trying to get sponsorship from Swizzels Matlow in Sutton: 
(the whole town smelt of Love Hearts!) "

The Pennines or  "backbone" of England
are a mountain range
between the Peak District in Derbyshire
to the Cheviot Hills on the Scottish border.
View North East from Laddow Rocks
Clougha Heather is typical in the Pennines

White Arctic hares, red grouse and deer are plentiful.
The Pennines are protected national parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty Sheep, quarrying, and tourism are the main activities in this sparsely populated region. Reservoirs in the Pennines from the plentiful rainfall supply  the cities of N England. 

David Sansom and Robbie Brough stayed in Hayfield in the Pennines, which was the birthplace of Arthur Lowe, who played the memorable Captain Mainwaring in Dad's Army. 

They are now in Huddersfield, W Yorkshire, and it was no surprise to read Robbie's grandmother gave them steak and ale pie, which was probably covered with a Yorkshire pudding crust. Yorkshire cooking is famously good.

The boys are walking to raise money for Emmaus Oxford, which gives a home and work to the homeless. They have had donations with Gift Aid of £4,665.00 so far. 

Shrewsbury to Huddersfield across the Pennines
The walk took David and Robbie 6 days.

31 May. Email from David.

Hi Mary! 

Last night we stayed in Hayfield campsite. It was a caravan and camping club spot, but charged us as members, as it was for charity. 

We climbed up on to the Pennine Way and started the long journey. 

First view on Pennine Way
Robbie on the Pennine Way
We took more videos on the camera than pictures, as Robbie's phone was broken, and my phone hates me, so had to conserve battery power. We walked for about 20 miles and made last minute arrangements with Robbie's grandmother in Huddersfield to stay with her, otherwise we wouldn't have a rest day between Shrewsbury and Edinburgh (...too far if you ask me). 

We were picked up by Robbie's granny on an A road where the footpath went over. We came back to Robbie's grandmother's flat, where we were spoilt rotten with steak and ale pie and sponge puddings and custard. 

We showered well and ate loads. So much that we couldn't finish the plate, a first for the trip! 

Tomorrow we are going to walk into Huddersfield, may meet friends for lunch from Leeds and Manchester, and buy supplies that we need till Edinburgh.

Pictures to follow


Tweet from David and Robbie @DRtradingplaces.  01/05/13

"So we''re in Huddersfield now, proper north Yorkshire  Worked out we have 620 miles to go, so we're half way. Turns out we''re pretty quick at this walking malarkey. We decided to take out 24hrs r&r here and spent the day pottering the shops in Huddersfield town centre. We've been put up by robs g'ma very kindly. Peace out till next time. X

Donations for Emmaus Oxford please to:
Twitter: Trading Places @DRtradingplaces