Thursday, 13 June 2013

25.Land's End to John O'Groats. £5,051.25 raised so far for Emmaus Oxford. Alston and lonely men. Best views so far.

David Sansom and Robbie Brough are in the middle of a charity walk to John O'Groats, which started in Land's End on 1 May. They have raised ££5,051.25 so far for Emmaus Oxford, a member of an international charity which houses and gives work to the homeless.

They are getting ever closer to Scotland, which is exciting not just for them but for everyone who is following them.

Middleton-in-Teesdale A, Low Force B, High Force C,
Dufton D, Cross Fell E, Alston F, Once Brewed G

Looking down from the head of High Cup Nick.
Photo by Ann Bowker

D+R are in the North Pennines, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and judging from David's latest account, they have had some very good days since they ran out of supplies on the previous leg. 
Kirkby Thore with Cross Fell behind

Cross Fell is so-called as St Augustine is said to have erected a cross there to ward off the Devil. 

Alston is the highest market town in England, at 1000 feet above sea level. In 2005 it hit the headlines of The Daily Telegraph and Guardian for having the highest imbalance of male to female of 17-1, or 10-1, depending on whether you read a local or a national report.

David and Robbie's walk coincided with Hadrian's Wall  for about eleven miles.

Wynch Bridge by Low Force was made in 1830

Stone sheep on Pennine Way, 
between Low and High Force in Teesdale 
Photo by Lou Johnson

12 June. Email from David Sansom

Hi Mary,

After getting to Middleton-in-Teesdale from the Tan Hill Inn, Robbie and I pitched up the tent and went to a pub for sausages and mash.  These were delicious and hearty.  Just what we needed.  We decided that as it was a Sunday that we should have a smaller day of 17 miles and a lie in...just to recharge the batteries. 

In the morning we got talking to a 22 yr old physics student called Alex from Leeds uni, who was walking from Skipton to Kirk Yelthom. He wanted to go to St. Andrews eventually and was getting driven there by his friend from Edinburgh.  However, he had no way of getting there, so he has joined us for a few days.  This has proven to be a good asset as he has done the Pennine Way several times. 
High Force
 High Force, Fall of the Tees, Yorkshire 1816 
by J M W Turner
Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney

Low Force 
On Sunday we walked past Low Force and High Force which were amazing to see, but it was full of old dears on day trips.  We then camped at High Nick Cut for the night, where the views were amazing.  Best on the trip. 
High Cup Nick, North Pennines. Aerial photo by Simon Ledingham
In the morning a cloud came down so we quickly got off the top and down into Dufton for breakfast.  After breakfast we walked up Cross Fell, where the coldest temps and highest wind speeds were recorded in the UK.  

We then walked to Alston, where we met Robbie’s mum's boyfriend Johnny, who had come to see us. He bought us dinner from a nice pub, who in fact let us sleep in their garden.  In the morning, Johnny took our bags so we could get serious miles done.  We did a whole day in our guide book before we met Johnny again for lunch.  We then walked with Johnny for 3 hours along Hadrian’s Wall.  We stopped in this town called Once Brewed at a nice campsite.  Ready to do another 25m today!

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