Monday, 1 July 2013

2. Kim Sears' Paintings 2012-13. iPad portrait of Springer. Other animals and strawberries.

Some of Kim's art is on Google Images:
 here she is in front of her portrait  on Facebook 
with Maggie May and Rusty, hers and Andy Murray's dogs.

During Wimbledon readers have gone back to my original post on Kim Sears, written on 15 August 2012. The media  as always is more centred on her appearance than on her art, but there is no doubt that she is a talented artist. She has also started to paint on her iPad, like David Hockney and Anneka Rice. 


Here’s an update on her work, which has become sharper.  "I appreciate art of every kind, but love to create paintings myself that are bold, upbeat and meaningful (and often very large)." Some paintings measure as much as 6ft x 4ft and live up to her words: Winnie must be the boldest to date.

Stroppy Cow.

Kim's angular Stroppy Cow and fierce Winnie may perhaps mirror the features she must see and admire in Andy, but she is also drawn to the contemplative side of dogs. 

As well as her usual portraits of cats and dogs, there are horses, cows, still lifes and portraits. "I've painted a few pieces recently with rather muted, earthy backgrounds and I think they are a nice way of really emphasising the subject matter". 

Kim, 24, started her website Brushes and Paws last year where all her work is shown. She calls cats a rather ladylike 'felines' and occasionally dogs are 'canines'. Cats set her dogs off, but she is coming round to them. "I was absolutely, bed-wettingly terrified of the Siamese cats from Lady and the Tramp as a child".

 Kim has a blog, and she writes about Murray's dog Maggie May @ maggiemay_hem on Twitter , which has a large following. 


Kim does commissions from £1,500 (Sunday Times 7 July), although she is not taking on any at the moment, according to her website. Kim visits animals she is going to paint and works from photographs.

With her peripatetic lifestyle following Andy around, her art has to take second place, but she ought to hold an exhibition of her paintings, and this will surely happen.

Springer. iPad portrait.

(Wimbledon?) Strawberries.