Thursday, 22 August 2013

Big Hair Comeback? Michaella McCollum. Rebekah Brooks. Emeli Sandé. Justin Bieber. Marje Simpson. Amy Winehouse.

Is big hair making a comeback? 

Two British women with big hair have been in the international news this week for different reasons. 

Michaella McCollum,20,  sported a big bun
for her court appearance in Callao, Peru.

Michaella McCollum, from Northern Ireland and Melissa Reid from Scotland are currently in custody in Peru for trying to take cocaine valued at £1.5m out of the country. Michaella is showing a positive front with the updo, and both girls labelled drug mules by the media say they are innocent.
Pop star Emeli Sandé, 25,  performs in New York 
for Moet and Chandon's 170th anniversary.
Her upswept hairdo gives added interest. 

Rebekah Brooks at preliminary hearing in Southwark Crown Court
21.6.12. Rebekah already has big hair, plus a demure dress for the occasion

Marie-Antoinette  1755-1793 
Musée Antoine Lécuyer

Big hair has an interesting history. The bouffant style is thought to have been created for Marie Antoinette who didn't have much hair. A comb is pulled up and down the hair to puff it out and smooth it down but unfortunately this method eventually results in hair loss as it causes the hair to knot, weaken and break. 

Marje Simpson's blue hair has made beehives rather a joke and bouffants, buns and pompadour looks haven't caught on in the high street.  

Justin Bieber makes the most of his hair although he has now shaved off the sides: whatever he does to it is news. He is lucky to have thick hair, and thinks Prince William should take Propecia for his thinning patch.

 Amy Winehouse used her luxuriant hair to full effect 
Jeff Frank/

It is odd that big hair is mainly seen in show business. Big hair is empowering and maybe women hoping to break through the glass ceiling should start using their hair as well as their brains to big themselves up.

Drag Queen Miss Understood
by David Shankbone