Monday, 4 August 2014

4. Trafalgar Roundabout, Truro, marks WWI with poppies and delights drivers. Richard Budge, Parks Manager. Seagulls.

Trafalgar Roundabout  can now be called a magic roundabout, which is appropriately ablaze with poppies to mark the 100th anniversary of World War I. The poppy seeds were sown in May, and as usual prize-winning Parks Manager Richard Budge has come up with the goods. In 2012 he and his team won the South West in Bloom Award, with extra awards for the Most Meritorious Entry and the Portman Cup.

Cornwall's patron saint, St Piran, is also remembered, with his cross on the bank, and the Cornish choughis below it . 

The two gulls which oddly chose to nest on the roundabout in May instead of up high are still there, and obviously approve of the place.

The Wst Briton's brilliant photograph, 30 May 2014

3 August 2014. M Oram
The ugly utility box has an additional function

Things have settled down nowadays after the £3.43 million scheme to expand the roundabout from two to three lanes for up to 40,000 vehicles a day and the coming Waitrose development at the top of Tregolls Road.

The traffic signals have been tweaked, the new bus lane is working well, long tailbacks are less frequent and Twitter complaints have died down. 

Nonetheless It is still very difficult to get out of Malpas Road to cross the roundabout to get to St Austell Street, and drivers coming from St Clement's Hill also have the devil of a job to get onto the inside lane to cross over

Before and after photographs of St Austell Street. 
The Catholic church is in the background

The flower bed was cut down to make an extra lane.