Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Feijoada: spicy comfort food from Portugal. Lundy Hole, Epphaven and Doyden Castle. South West Coast Path.

Joana relaxes after making her lovely meal

Feijoada- pronounced fazeshwada-  is a delicious one-pot casserole dish which originated in Portugal. Like paella it is eaten at midday. It has long been the national dish of Brazil. There are many variations: the Portuguese use butter beans whereas the Brazillians prefer black beans.

I had it for the first time last week in north Cornwall at a family gathering,  cooked by Joana Cânovas, from Madeira, who is au-pairing in England during her vacation.

Joana,19, is studying Speech and Language Therapy at the School of Health Technology in Porto. She could just as easily become a diplomat or a cook, and here is her recipe. She would have added add white wine to it had young children not been with us.  She also salted the pork belly or loin beforehand.

Feijoada, by Joana Cânovas

- onions
- garlic
- red peppers
- pork belly 
- chorizo
- butter beans 
- paprika (and piri piri if you like it hot)
- carrots
- potatoes
- cabbage
- tomatoes 
- bacon

You put olive oil, onions, tomatoes, garlic and peppers first with the salt and paprika. Then you put chopped bacon, meat (little cubes) and chorizo. Meanwhile you boil the potatoes (little cubes). 
Then you put the cabage (tiny bits) and carrots in and add hot water to it. When the carrots are almost ready you add the potatoes and beans and let them boil for a bit so they can absorb the sauce.
Keep tasting the sauce and checking if it's good. Keep adding paprika, salt, or even herbs till you think it tastes good! 
Serve with rice.

Lundy Hole is on the coastal path,
near Epphaven and Doyden Castle.
We walked there after the meal

Doyden Castle is owned by The National Trust,
it can be rented but is booked up for months in advance